Thorpe Bank Primitive Methodist chapel

In the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1859, Thomas Whittaker describes the opening of Thorpe Bank Primitive Methodist chapel in the Spilsby Branch of the Louth circuit. The chapel was in the parish of Thorpe Saint Peter.

Thorpe Bank is part of the scattered village of Thorpe… Many years ago our preachers carried the word of life to the rural population before the fens were drained, when the roads in winter season were deep in mud and almost impassable.

Services had been held there , off and on, over many years. By 1857, when there were about 60 families living in the area, a few members met in class at Halton-fenside. Regular services were established in a house and a farmer offered a piece of land for a chapel.

The chapel they built seated 70 and cost £60 of which they had raised £23. It opened on October 3rd, 10th and 14th 1858 when the preachers were J Croft (Wesleyan), R Langley, T Nickles and Thomas Whittaker.

There is a note on a Francis Frith discussion board saying a later Prim chapel at Thorpe Bank was built in 1874 and was converted into a residential property in the 1980’s. This probably replaced the 1858 chapel. The 1858 chapel was not big enough for the congregations when it opened. 


Primitive Methodist magazine 1859 p.42


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  • Lincolnshire Archives, Lincoln:

    Ref. ML19908: History, a mention of closure 1970 and later became a house named ‘Heaven’.

    By Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella) (13/12/2017)

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