Brentford Primitive Methodist chapel

The chapel that preceded the Brentford Jubilee chapel from the west, seen from the access road to a couple of modern houses built west of the chapel. The low building in front of the west side don't seem to be on the 25 inch map, while the bit with the chimney on does seem to be.
Peter Sketch: 26th November 2022
the east end of Brentford pre-1897 chapel taken from New Road. In both views of the first chapel,, the building in front of the chapel whose edge is just within the frame of the photo is the Jubilee Chapel.
Peter Sketch: 26th November 2022
Brentford Jubilee Primitive Methodist chapel
Peter Sketch: 26th November 2022
the inscription over the front door of Brentford Jubilee Primitive Methodist chapel
Peter Sketch: 26th November 2022
The Methodist church in Clifden Road that replaced the Jubilee chapel after Methodist union
Peter Sketch: 26th November 2022

The 1867 Registration of non-conformist chapels records a Primitive Methodist chapel at Old Brentford, The Committee Room.

The Primitive Methodist magazine of 1897 (page 153) reports “the memorial stone laying at Brentford in the Hounslow Station added £200 to the Building Fund” – but tells us nothing more.

Peter Sketch reports that this 1897 chapel, known as the Jubilee chapel,  was replaced in due course after Methodist union by a new chapel on Clifden Road.

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  • As well as the 1897 chapel, the one in use immediately before that is also still standing. It is on the same plot of land, very slightly further from New Road. The gap between the two buildings is very narrow; it looks like there was a deliberate decision to make the new chapel as large as possible while being able to use the previous one while it was being built. The previous chapel can be seen on the OS 25-inch map, revised in 1895:
    The previous chapel is visible from the road, but not very clearly. I couldn’t see anything to indicate what date it was opened.

    By Peter Sketch (18/12/2022)
  • The 1897 chapel is described in the Victoria County History and the old building is still visible on Google Street View, where it is labelled Primitive Methodist Jubilee Chapel. It was on New Road, very close to Griffin Park so will have been a familiar landmark to generations of Brentford football fans. The VCH states that it closed in 1964 when the new church on Clifden Road was opened.

    The VCH gives the location of the earlier committee room as Ferry Lane, in use from 1847. It is described as seating 70 which might suggest it was part of one of the now-gone industrial buildings in that location, rather than the still-extant pub. Some earlier meeting venues are also mentioned, with scant detail.

    By Peter Sketch (24/11/2022)

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