Diss Primitive Methodist chapel

Mount Street Diss IP22 4QG

Chapels of the Diss circuit
Christian Messenger 1912/60
Diss PM March 2021. Photo Basil Abbott Courtesy of Diss Museum.
Supplied by Doug Watts
Diss Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1885 and 1925 Ordnance Survey maps show Diss Primitive Methodist chapel in a yard to the western side of Mount Street. It is not visible from the road.. Does it still exist?

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  • Norfolk Record Office, Norwich :
    ref. FC 47/27 and 28, Diss PM Circuit, baptisms 1849-1901, 1901/2-1932, 1933-1967.
    Other circuit documents to include :
    ref. FC 47/260, Primitive Methodist local preacher Mrs. E. Cook ( nee Burrows ), her ordination at Binham PM Chapel, year 1927. To include her family papers 1911-1932, -1970, (1970 year of creation).-


    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (06/03/2022)
  • The shell of the chapel survives and it has been adapted to provide two flats. I am not sure of the closure date but there are records of a new minister being appointed in 1931. The Wesley church in Diss was a much bigger premises in a prominent location whereas this church is well set back and hidden from the main road.
    The church also owned two (?) nearby cottages
    A recent entry in Diss museum Facebook page
    Where was the Primitive Methodist chapel in Mount Street?’ someone enquired. Those Methodists had been on Fair Green from 1830 and moved to their new chapel in 1858, where they would stay for a century. It was behind the old Post Office, later the Social Security office and now a beauty parlour. It was taken over by the Assembly of God in the 1950s. The 1958-59 Town Guide refers to them recently acquiring it. The 1985-86 Guide has a Church Crawl feature which describes the joyful noise they made there. “At times there was a cacophony of prayer. The atmosphere was warm and human and people stood up naturally and confidently to lead prayers and minister.” The building was for sale then; and has since been made into two flats.

    By Doug Watts (22/04/2021)

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