Irchester Primitive Methodist chapel

Farndish Road Irchester NN29 7BE

Irchester Primitive Methodist chapel

The  December 1877 Primitive Methodist magazine records  the laying of the memorial  stones for a new Primitive Methodist chapel at Irchester in the Wellingborough station. We are told nothing more.

The 1900 Ordnance Survey map shows a Primitive Methodist chapel on Farndish Road, almost opposite the end of East Street.  There are modern bungalows on the site on Street View.


Primitive Methodist magazine 1877 page 755

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  • The Northampton Mercury of 3 November 1877 records of the stone laying: ‘The PM movement in Irchester commenced in 1869 by Mr Henry Jones, and his labours have been so successful that the cottage in which his followers have assembled for Divine worship twice each Sunday is too small and inconvenient for the increasing numbers who are flocking to the standard of Methodism.’
    The article goes on to say that the church had 28 members. The chapel was to cost £500 of which £100 had been raised. The architects were J Kerridge and Sons, whilst the builder was Mr Roberts of Wellingborough.

    The Wellingborough Link published in 2005 to commemorate the end of World War 2 states that on 20 May 1941 ‘a lone German bomber dropped five bombs on the village of Irchester.’ Two bombs landed in Farndish Road. Of these, one of these ‘exploded at the junction of East Street and Farndish Road, destroying 15 houses and a chapel’. Nine people were killed in this raid.

    That the bombed chapel was the Primitive Methodst is confirmed in the Borough of Wellingborough Development Committee Agenda 17 September 2018 item abou Irchester, Knuston and Little Irchester Neighbourhood Plan.

    By Tim Banks (19/05/2020)

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