Newcastle upon Tyne Kingsley Terrace Primitive Methodist chapel

Kingsley Terrace, Elswick NE4 6PJ

Newcastle Kingsley Terrace Primitive Methodist chapel
Handbook of the Primitive Methodist Conference 1924; Englesea Brook Museum
Newcastle Primitive Methodist chapels
Primitive Methodist Magazine 1903/477
Postcard front. The front of the church looking south-east. Behind the photographer was Westgate Rd the main Newcastle - Carlisle trunk road (was the A69) and Westgate Rd Primary School
Jim Stafford
Postcard rear. Message and address. The postmark is 1925.
Jim Stafford
In 1963 I received a book award of the Shorter Oxford School Atlas with the inscription scanned. I was 11 at the time.
Jim Stafford

Newcastle Kingsley Terrace Primitive Methodist chapel opened on New Year’s Day, 1898.  It was the successor to earlier buildings in Arthur’s Hill and West Street.

The site is now used as a children’s playground.  There is no evidence that a church once stood here.  In his account of Northern Primitive Methodism, W Patterson tells us the following about the development of this chapel:

“Though the first Primitive Methodist meeting was held at Arthur’s Hill in 1834, when Mary Holmes started prayer meetings, it was not until 1842 that it was put upon the plan for regular preaching services, and much good was done in William Street. In 1864 the increasing band built a chapel in West Street. Many scenes were witnessed there which will never pass out of mind, not the least being the times of refreshing during Miss Bulmer’s mission in November, 1891. Clark Hallam did good work there before going into the ministry. After long thought, a new church and school were built in Kingsley Terrace, in 1897, the handsome sanctuary being opened on New Year’s Day, 1898.

John Harryman Taylor did a great and lasting work in the building of “Kingsley,” and faithful men and women represented by the Reeds, the Waltons, the Vartys, the Allisons, the Thirlwells, the Robsons, the Stobbses, the Kirtons, the Wilsons, and others sustained his hands. Men of vigour and ability such as Anthony Oates, William Spears, Henry Potts, Thomas Dodds, Joseph Longstaff, and John Dodd have joined the front rank men there during the ten years; and the ministries of Sister Jessie, aided by the wives and daughters of the officials, have given the added fragrance of human sympathy and help to the dignity, beauty, and fervour of the worship in the fine church.”

The opening of the chapel is recorded in the Primitive Methodist magazine of March 1898. We are told the chapel was in a densely populated locality  and was successor to the previous chapel in West Street.

It was expected to cost £7,000, most of which had been raised.


Primitive Methodist magazine March 1898 page 234

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  • I was born 1952 at 42 Kingsley Tce, almost opposite the church. In my early teens we moved down the street to no. 52.
    My parents attended Westgate Rd Baptist Church but I was allowed to go the Kingsley Terrace Methodist Church as it was closer. Sunday School and Youth Club were part of my week. Sometimes the weekly service on Sundays, the later half we went downstairs for.
    One of my sad memories is the day JFK was assassinated. At a break in the Youth Club I went home for some reason. My Dad told me about JFK and I went back to Youth Club, but no-one believed me.
    A better memory was when I sang All Creatures Great and Small in front of the whole church. It was a slow rendition as I felt the organ was too slow. Someone said I should have set the pace. Oh well.
    I wasn’t in Newcastle when it was demolished and it left a bit of a hole in my memories even though I no longer attended.

    I have a postcard of the church, a scan of which I’d be happy to send to you via email if you could let me know.


    By Jim Stafford (04/01/2022)
  • Bill/Sharon

    We are happy for you to use images on this site for ‘non-profit’ uses provided the source is acknowledged.

    By Geoff Dickinson (03/12/2017)
  • This church before it was demoloshed has many happy memories for me. My mother and father both preached , there my sister was a sunday school teacher, and I, being very young at the time once read out the 23rd Psalm from the pulpit. My father once made a cross to go on the top of the church illuminated with light bulbs, for Easter time I believe. My friend and I are members of a group on Facebook where people put photographs of churches, monasteries, graveyards etc, there is no financial gain for this at all, and I would like your permission to use the “Drawing” of the Kingsley Terrace Methodist Church… I look forward to hearing from you.. Bill Nicholson/Sharon Dowd

    By William Nicholson (02/12/2017)

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