Newshon (Newsham) Primitive Methodist chapel.

Newshon (Newsham) Primitive Methodist chapel

John Dawson tells us in the 1869 Primitive Methodist magazine of the opening of a new chapel in the Blyth circuit at what he calls Newshon – most likely a mis-spelling for Newsham, a village south west of Blyth. The ceremonies started on July 19th 1868. Opening preachers were Revs JM Dawson and J Elliot, and Messrs A Swinny and J Wondlys.

The new chapel cost £250 of which they had raised £200 – Coopen Colliery owners were amongst the donors, granting the ground to be leased and giving the stone.  It measured 40’ x 30’ and seated 300.

The Ordnance Survey map of 1897 shows a Primitive Methodist chapel at the western end of Plessey Road, a former wagonway , at the point it met the Forster Pit branch railway.  In 1961 it is labelled New Delaval High Methodist church. Street View is not brave enough to go there; is there any evidence of the chapel still in existence?


Primitive Methodist magazine 1869 page 110

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  • Wonder how many golfers know the story behind the name of the green?

    By Christopher Hill (27/04/2020)
  • Hello
    Saw your comment about new Delaval High Chapel. Unfortunately the chapel has long since been demolished along with all the houses that were nearby. Where the chapel stood is now the 11th green of Blyth Golf Club, 11th hole is actually called High Chapel. This is probably the church my great grandparents went to although there was a Wesleyan chapel not far from it too.

    By Jeff Stevens (27/04/2020)

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