Caunton Primitive Methodist chapel

Ford Lane Caunton

Caunton Primitive Methodist chapel

“Wellow Branch.

We have opened a neat, substantial chapel at Caunton. At an early period in the history of Primitive Methodism, this village was missioned by our people, and a society was formed. In 1823, a small chapel was rented and furnished by our members, and many quickening seasons were experienced, and in it some of our present ministers received the first elements of evangelical truth and Methodistic theology, which, incorporated with zeal and perseverance, have issued in extensive usefulness. The late Rev. Jeremiah Gilbert, the Revs. W. Antliff, S. Antliff, and W. Cutts have all gone out from Caunton.

For several years the old chapel has belonged to the late Mr. Cutts, whose family has manifested deep sympathy with our cause. In consequence of some changes having taken place a short time since, Brother Cutts proposed to sell the old chapel to the Connexion, or, if our friends could obtain a site elsewhere for a new one, he would give £5 towards its erection, providing Messrs. Antliff and the society would make corresponding efforts. Accordingly two cottages, with gardens, were bought at a cost of £170, including conveyance. A few months back, the foundation-stone of our new chapel was laid by J. Heard, Esq., and Brother S. Antliff delivered an address on the occasion. 

October 13th, 1861, opening services were held, when two sermons were delivered by the Rev. W. Cutts. On October 20th, Brother Wi Antliff preached twice ; also after tea on Monday, Mr. Antliff preached again. The services were generally crowded, and the collections good. In canvassing the village for donations, we were received with kindness and many good wishes. Very few, indeed, dismissed us without rendering help. Our little sanctuary will accommodate about 1 30 persons with seats ; and while it is an ornament to the village and an important acquisition to our interest in the place, it also serves as a memorial of the worthy men Caunton has furnished for the itinerancy.

The sum total raised gratuitously amounts to about £65, being nearly one half of the cost of the erection. We magnify the grace of God, and are thankful to the friends who have helped us.

Thomas Fletcher.

A Primitive Methodist chapel in Ford Lane is marked on Ordnance Survey maps from 1884 until 1966. It has disappeared by 1971.  It is not visible on Street View.  Thanks to Liz Alvey – see below for confirming it exists in 2022.


Primitive Methodist magazine January 1862 page 44

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  • Thanks Liz for confirming the former chapel still exists in residential use. Now we just need a photograph to add to the page!

    By Christopher Hill (21/04/2022)
  • I believe this may be the Primitive Methodist Chapel in Ford Lane – now apparently a residential address:

    I can’t vouch for this, but it appears to fit the description/location pretty well.

    By Liz Alvey (21/04/2022)

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