Nottingham Bulwell Primitive Methodist Church

The Chapel was located on Quarry Road, later re-named Commercial Road, in Bulwell which is a northern suburb of Nottingham. Although there had been earlier buildings in use, the building concern opened in 1888 and closed in September 1968 when the three Methodist congregations in Bulwell merged to worship at the Wesleyan, which, being the smallest building, was cheapest to run.

A pen and ink drawing of the Chapel
A Primitive Methodist Circuit Plan from 1875 (with both Bulwell and Bulwell Mission Building listed, the latter being a 'Tin Tabernacle'
Three photographs of the exterior facade and the interior of the church taken in 1969 just prior to demolition;
Mr Sam Read preaching at the 1922 Harvest Festival
The primary class of the Sunday School on the Church Parade float in 1958 or 1959
My late father's certificate of admittance into membership
Sheet of membership cards from my family dating back to 1891
Another sheet of membership cards from my family
This and the following three photos are extracts from the Commercial Road Methodist's 'Calendar Blotter and Handbook 1937 - 1938', including a brief history of the Chapel.

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  • With apologies for my earlier error, having recently re-visited Bulwell after some considerable time, I am now reminded that the building used for the merger was the ‘New Connexion’ rather than the ‘Weslyan’. Although the Bulwell Methodist Church has long since relocated to a modern building (Ravensworth Road Methodist), the ‘New Connexion’ building continues in use by the Seventh Day Adventists.

    By Ian Askew (12/03/2018)
  • Geoff Dickinson kindly added this information on my behalf

    By Ian Askew (07/08/2017)

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