Hayton's Bent (Heyton's Bent) Primitive Methodist chapel

former Hayton's Bent Primitive Methodist chapel
Naomi Dobson January 2021
Hayton's Bent Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1839 Primitive Methodist magazine contains an account by John Graham  and Thomas Nash of the opening of Heyton’s (sic) Bent Primitive Methodist chapel. Along with Messrs Rich,  Burgess & Miss Woodhouse, they were the preachers at the opening events.

The village was first missioned in 1835. The  land was offered by Mr. Hardwick who also gave the stone and a lot of labour.

The chapel was opened on August 12th, 1838. It was in the Ludlow circuit.

The 1877 Primitive Methodist magazine contains a note of the opening of a new Primitive Methodist chapel at what it calls Hayton’s Rent in the Peaton Strand circuit.

The Primitive Methodist chapel is located on the road to Upper Hayton – a very isolated building, on the only scrap of land available, right against the roadside.  Google Street View in 2009 shows it in poor condition but recognisable as a chapel.

Has the building survived?


Primitive Methodist magazine January 1839 page 12

Primitive Methodist magazine 1877 page 755

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  • Thanks Naomi for the picture. Not likely to be restored or changed into a house because of its size and limited space.

    By Christopher Hill (14/01/2021)
  • It hasn’t been restored sadly, the walls are sill up……just!

    By Naomi Dobson (04/08/2020)
  • Don’t worry about Hayton’s “Rent”, that is just the printer’s error! The proper word is “Bent”. The only snag about this place name is that it is sometimes written as “Hayton Bent” which means that when you are searching a large index, you have to search under both spellings as well as “Upper Hayton”. I haven’t seen the building since I saw is some years ago & it was totally derelict then & can’t believe that it can have been restored.

    By Janice Cox (04/07/2020)

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