Hengoed Primitive Methodist chapel

This chapel, referred to simply as “Hengoed” in the minute books, and located in Upper Hengoed (opposite the Last Inn pub) is now called Aberdeen House. The Oswestry Circuit minutes record: “In August 1945 it was agreed to hold a fortnight of special services in Hengoed in the winter.” There is more about Hengoed kept in Shrewsbury (the county archives) in the minute books for anyone interested.

Dwelling in the site of the previously demolished PM Chapel
David Young
Picture of the hengoed PM Chapel
A Pictorial History of Hengoed
Further pictures of the chapel
A Pictorial History of Hengoed
Supplied by David Young
Former Village shop, Hengoed, Shropshire - January 2020 - previously mistaken as the former PM Chapel

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  • My Grandmother lived there with her Daughter and Husband Meredith Jones. My Grandmother’s ancestors were from Aberdeen so that is how I think it got its name, “Aberdeen House”. Meredith was a baker and baked fresh bread in a large oven to the rear of the house, delivering it daily together with groceries in his small van. There also a large tank in an outhouse which contained paraffin for Oil Lamps. I remember this house too had oil lamps as did many others; also a cooker fired by paraffin!

    The little shop was busy and I remember the “Ching” as bacon was sliced on a hand driven machine as well as the smell of the shop, warm and inviting. The family had one daughter Vera who married a Bank Manager: an ex Army Major; Major Tiffin: a real Gentleman.

    When Meredith died Barbara his wife moved to Market Dravton to be near her Brother Tom.


    By G. C. Cross (27/05/2022)
  • Janice adds: “I was given a copy of a photo of Hengoed chapel, but it was small & of poor quality due to it being from an old newspaper. However, I enlarged it up & traced it as best as I could. I’ve put it up on my website now, at Shropshire’s Non-Conformist Chapels website here.”

    By Christopher Hill (03/03/2021)
  • Thank you. I too asked in the village and was assured this was the former chapel. Clearly more research is required. I seem to recall that the buildings were joined. I await developments with interest.

    By David Young (27/02/2021)
  • Janice Cox (who runs Shropshire’s Non-Conformist chapels website) has passed on inside information from a friend who lives in Hengoed that the building in the photo is not the former chapel, but was in fact the village shop.
    Ordnance Survey maps are a bit inexact when labelling public buildings where there are other buildings in close proximity. In Upper Hengoed they suggest that the chapel was round the corner not on the crossroads. It’s hard to get clarity from Street View or the view from a satellite .
    Janice is endeavouring to confirm and source a picture

    By Christopher Hill (27/02/2021)

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