Ludlow Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1837 Primitive Methodist magazine gives an account of the opening of a Primitive Methodist chapel at Ludlow. Opening celebrations started on March 23rd (probably 1836).  Speakers included Bros Walford & Horsell, Mr Blower and Mr Wall.

The new chapel had a gallery at one end and was lit by gas.  It measured 25′(w) x 36′(l).


Primitive Methodist magazine 1837 page 69

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  • Just before coming online I looked at the P.M. Magazines for 1838 & 1843 to see whereabouts page 69 appeared & in both instances the month is February, so I’m sure you are right in saying that the opening of Ludlow P.M. took place in 1836. Thank you for the confirmation!

    By Janice Cox (08/05/2020)
  • I don’t have access to the magazines at present Janice – but page 69 in the 1837 magazine will have been January or possibly February , so the 23rd March must have been 1836. The accounts often don’t name the year and entries such as this one, well before the establishment of the railways and reliable, rapid postal services for most of the country often took many months between being written and ending up in print.

    By Christopher Hill (07/05/2020)
  • Hello Christopher,
    Can I ask, does the date 23rd March refer to the opening in 1837 or did it take place in 1836? I know that some openings did not appear in the Magazine until some time after the event. If the article on p. 69 refers to the day of the week, then that would definitely solve the problem. The 23rd was a Wednesday in 1836 & a Thursday in 1837.
    This question is not intended for publication, It’s just to make it clear to me what the facts really are. Many thanks,

    By Janice Cox (07/05/2020)

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