Stanwardine in the Fields PM Chapel Shropshire

This small rural brick built chapel opened in 1869

The original doorway faced directly on to the road. Later a new doorway and porch were added on to the left of the building.

We know that the chapel was still in use for worship in 2002. We do not know when it closed. Today it lies empty and there are indications that building work may be about to start. It will be interesting to see if the chapel is going to be changed into a dwelling.

Photos taken August 2012

OS Map ref:126:SJ412245

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    … Our people have preached the Word of Life in the neighbourhood for about 40 years … The cause has been somewhat hindered in its onward movements for want of a suitable place in which to worship … But now a brighter day has dawned on the society. Mr. R. Parbott, a laborious and useful local preacher among us, kindly offered to the Connexion a very convenient plot of land on a portion of his property … the requisite steps were taken, a trust formed, and the land duly made over to the Connexion. On May 14th 1869, the corner stones of the intended chapel were laid in the presence of a large concourse of people by Mrs. Parry, of Knockin (who is often assisting in a work like that), Mrs. Williams, of Haughton, Mr. Mansel, of Sandford, and Mr. Lea, of Bagley, … A tea and public meeting of a very interesting character followed, and the pecuniary results of the day were very satisfactory. The work of building the sanctuary progressed favourably, and, being completed, was dedicated to the worship of the Most High God on Sunday August 1st. Excellent sermons were preached on the occasion, in the morning and evening by Mr. J. Evans, of Chirk; and in the afternoon Samuel Ward, Esq., of The Wood, and Mr. E. Morris, of Haughton, preached in a field near, to a large number who could not gain admission to the chapel. The collections were over £11; the total cost is about £150, and by donations, collections, &c., £90 has been raised, which, for a small society or working people, we think very good. The trustees tender their thanks to Mr. Parbott, (for the gift of the land and assisting in other ways.) Mrs. Parry, Mrs. Williams, Mr. Mansel, G. Windsor, Esq., and J. Atcherley, Esq., who liberaly assisted, and to the farmers of the neighbourhood for hauling the materials gratuitously … “

    By Janice Cox (11/11/2020)
  • For an account of the building of this chapel follow this link to Richard Parbbot, a local preacher living at Stanwardine.

    By Geoff Dickinson (13/07/2015)
  • A picture of this chapel taken circa 2002 can be viewed by following the link to Shropshire’s Nonconformist Chapels.

    By Geoff Dickinson (14/12/2013)
  • According to information from the Shropshire Council web site, there were enquiries in 2005 about possible changes of use of the chapel, and it had been on the market as a redundant chapel since at least April 2008. Planning permission was subsequently granted for the conversion and extension of the chapel to a dwellinghouse on 1 October 2008. A copy of the planning permission and the approved plans can be seen at The conditional details were approved on 12 September 2011, so it would seem that the planning permission is about to be implemented.

    By David Noble (06/04/2013)

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