Bath Oldfield Park Primitive Methodist Church

Shaftesbury Road

Oldfield Park Primitive Methodist chapel

Oldfield Park Primitive Methodist chapel  was sited in Shaftsbury Road, on the corner with Canterbury Road, opposite what was at one time the Scala Cinema.  It served an area largely made up of compact family homes accommodating the workforce for industries which have since ceased to be viable – Stothert and Pitt (cranes), Clarks (shoes), CIC, Hayward and Wooster, George Yeo, Horstmanns and the railway (Somerset and Dorset, and Great Western).

The chapel first appears on Ordnance Survey maps between 1902 and 1932.  It was destroyed by enemy action in WW2. The site in 2018 is a memorial garden.

Editor’s note: This page at one time included pictures and information about the Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Triangle West.  Thanks to Jeff Parsons for pointing out the inaccuracies.

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  • From “At Satan’s Throne”, Oldfield Park Chapel was a “tin tabernacle” opposite the Scala Cinema. It was purchased by Bath City Council in 1940 for £600 including the large plot of land on which an air raid shelter was built. It was the shelter which was destroyed by enemy action with many fatalities. The site as stated is now a memorial garden.

    By Jeff Parsons (24/08/2019)
  • Thanks for pointing this out Jeff. I ought to have known: it did seem a bit unlikely to me at the time!
    The page has been transferred to the My Wesleyans website here.

    By Christopher Hill (18/08/2019)
  • The Oldfield Park Primitive Methodist Chapel was sited in Shaftsbury Road opposite the Scala Cinema and was destroyed by enemy action in WW2.

    By Jeff Parsons (15/08/2019)
  • This was a Wesleyan Methodist Church not Primitive as stated.
    The architect was probably T Silcock of Bath

    Reference to “The Church on the Corner , the story of Oldfield Park Methodist Church Bath” by Roy and Margaret Wilcox (1991)

    By Jeff Parsons (15/08/2019)

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