Darlaston Primitive Methodist Chapel (i) 1828

First chapel Willenhall Street 1828

John Anderson

As far as we know there is no surviving image of the first Primitive Methodist Chapel in Darlaston, but this deed relates to the conveyance ‘for a nominal sum’ of ‘a plot or parcel of land, chapel, schoolroom, messuages’ etc, to trustees ‘for use of a society of Protestant Dissenters of the Denomination called Primitive Methodists.’

The names of the trustees, with their occupations, give a fascinating insight into the people who made up the society in Darlaston.  At the bottom of the indenture they have all signed their names, apart from one who can not write, so makes his ‘mark’.

  • David Bowen, Darlaston, Bridle Bit Maker
  • Samuel Bowen, Darlaston, Bridle Bit Maker
  • William Colbourn, Darlaston, Plumber and Glazier
  • Ephraim Humpage, Darlaston, Snew Maker
  • Job Robinson, Darlaston, Miner
  • Obadiah Shore, Darlaston, Swarf Iron Maker
  • James Aston, Tipton, Brickmaker
  • James Plant, Tipton, Miner
  • Joseph Perks, Tipton, Stock taker
  • William Stephens, Wednesbury, Gas pipe Maker
  • Griffiths Robinson, Rough Hills, Iron shoe-heel Maker
  • Thomas Cresswell, Bilston, Miner
  • William Hardy, Sedgley, Cordwainer
  • Joseph Baker, Lane Head, Willenhall, Collier

Follow these links to read about the second chapel in Bell Street and the third one in Slater Street.

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  • The Builder, vol. 97, issue 3467, July 17th, 1907, page 76 :
    A Central Primitive Methodist Chapel is being built in Slater-street, Darlaston, the amount of tender accepted for the work being [£] 3,300, the builder being Mr. R. Hammonds and the architect Mr. C. W. D. Joynson.
    Post-Script :
    this posting refers to a central chapel and gives Slater-street.
    Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (05/11/2021)
  • Hello Jill, Part of the following may refer to a later PM Chapel?.

    Staffordshire Record Office:

    Ref. D1230/BOX49?/1: Fire in the foundations of the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Bell Street, Darlaston, 1908/9. Includes plan of Chapel and newspaper cutting.

    Ref. CH47 & D3504/1/1-2: Darlaston Primitive Methodist Circuit. General Administration. 2 Circuit Plans. Primitive Methodist Preaching Plan 19th century.


    By Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella) (23/03/2018)

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