Dudley Primitive Methodist chapel

Darlaston Circuit

Dudley Primitive Methodist chapel was opened on Sunday, Monday and Friday 1st, 2nd and 5th November 1829. Preachers were Br. T Foster on the Sunday, Br S West on the Monday and  Rev J Hudson (Independent Minister) on the Friday.

There had previously been society in the town for 10 years which met in a rented building.  That building was too small so the society saved money over 4 years and in 1828 bought a piece of land.  Despite a lot of opposition they commenced building on 24th June 1829.  They also started a Sunday school.

The new chapel measured 30′(w) x 48′(l) x 40′(h) and J Morish reported the opening in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

Where was this chapel and what became of it?

In the 1842  Primitive Methodist magazine T Batty tells us that:

Dudley circuit is only about eight miles in length, and about the same in breadth; but in these parts there is a great population, and we have thirty-two places on the plan, eighty preachers on the ground, and one thousand three hundred and forty-four members in society, and eighteen chapels within this small compass; and the work is going on.  The increase during the last five years amounted to seven hundred and thirty-two.  Yours in the Lord.

Brierly Hill, Dec. 27, 1841.

The society continued to prosper and in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1850, J Middleton  tells us that on December 25th the chapel was re-opened after the addition of galleries and an orchestra behind the pulpit for the choir. Opening preachers included Miss Buck of Leicester, Rev W Burrows (New Connexion), Dr Melson (Birmingham), Bro Higginson and J Middleton.


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  • According to the 1867 list of registered chapels it was called “Bethel” and in George Street

    By Philip Thornborow (30/06/2020)
  • The obituary of James Chapman locates this chapel in George Street.

    By Geoff Dickinson (20/06/2018)

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