Latebrook Primitive Methodist chapel

Tunstall Circuit

Latebrook Primitive Methodist chapel in the Tunstall circuit was opened on 0/09/1833, according to T Morgan in an account in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1834. The opening services were taken by T Butcher.

The new chapel measured 24′(w) x 30′(l).

That is all that Mr Morgan tells us.

When I created this page I asked “where was the chapel and what happened to it?” Thanks to Berni for providing more information about the former Baptist chapel in the hamlet (the terraces of which along Broadfield Road have disappeared since the nineteen thirties), See the comment below.

The Baptist building, which still stands although disused, carries the date 1870 and the British online history says “A Baptist church was founded at Latebrook in 1877” . The Baptist building would appear to be about the same size as the former Prim chapel.

One possibility is that the Baptists took over the former Primitive Methodist chapel.  Does anyone have access to Ordnance Survey maps between 1833 and 1870 or other sources  to explore?


Primitive Methodist magazine for 1834 page 150


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  • Thanks to Berni for the following information:
    You will find pictures from the below web sites, which show the building to be barn like with what looks like pig sties, all in dilapidation. Whether it ever looked like a chapel we probably will never know, unless someone somewhere has a picture in its heyday.

    With the help of the below web sites, I have managed to piece the following together.

    Source: Tunstall (North) & Goldenhill 1898 [Old Ordnance Survey Map]
    Under Goldenhill you will find Latebrook village, just to be right you will find a Baptist Chapel marked. The road is not named but is Broadfield Rd.

    Source: S-o-T Street Atlas c.1960’s
    It shows a ‘Ch’. At the base of Aubrey St. where it connects with Broadfield Rd.

    Source: Staffordshire A to Z Atlas c.2011 still shows the existence of Aubrey St. but no Ch. or Chap. Marked.

    “Latebrook Baptist Church on Broadfield Road, Goldenhill (1870 – 1956). Another view, and the date stone. SJ 848 530. All © BereniceUK (2010).”

    LATEBROOK. A Baptist church was founded at Latebrook in 1877 and in 1890 seated 150. It then had 22 full members. In 1900 it was still autonomous, but by 1905 it had become a branch of Newcastle Baptist Church. By 1937 it had apparently reverted to its independent status, with a membership of 17 and a Sunday-school class of 72 members. The membership rose slightly during the Second World War and stood at 22 in 1946. Subsequently it dropped, and when the church closed in 1956 there were only 12 members. The chapel is a small brick building in Broadfield Road.

    By Christopher Hill p.p. Berni (23/01/2019)

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