Pelsall Paradise Primitive Methodist chapel

Paradise Lane Pelsall WS3 4NH

The Primitive Methodist magazine for March 1854 includes an account by W Rooke of the opening of Pelsall Primitive Methodist chapel.  The first sermons were preached on January 15th 1854 by brothers Hutchings, Rooke, Bradburn, Cox and Mrs Rae.

The chapel was 24′ long x 18′ wide and 15′ high to the wall plate. Of prepossessing appearance, it was built of brick and shared a roof with a house built on the same plot.  

The Ordnance Survey map of 1884 shows Paradise Primitive Methodist chapel on Paradise Street, close to its junction with Hall Lane.  It is still there, labelled as Methodist church, in 1969.  Then it disappears.  There is no evidence of it on Google Street View in April 2016.

As David Evans points out below, the current Methodist church is an extension of the former Wesleyan chapel which is in Chapel Street.

There is a picture of the Paradise chapel on Walsall Council’s A click in time image library; to see the exterior as it was in the 1960s, click here and the interior as it was at the start of the twentieth century, click here.


Primitive Methodist magazine March 1854 p177



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  • Thanks for finding the pictures of Paradise chapel and pointing out the potential confusion David.  I’ve added the links and amended the wording to make it clearer.

    By Christopher Hill (27/08/2017)
  • There is an error here. Paradise Primitve Chapel was much further along Paradise Lane and was demolished many years ago. The present-day Methodist church is a modern extension to the former Wesley Schools…a totally different building. I will try to send you a photo of the old Paradise Primitive Chapel, but there is an image..clickintime is Walsall Met History library of is in this collection

    kind regards

    David Evans

    By David Evans (18/06/2017)

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