Whiston PM Chapel, Staffs

From a glass slide in the collection at Englesea Brook Museum. It dates from c.1915-35.
Jane Richardson, 2014
Date stone
Jane Richardson, 2014

The chapel stands by the side of the A52 and is still open. Apart from the removal of the chimney and roof finials, the exterior has changed little over the years.

Inscribed on the date stone: Primitive Methodist Centenary Church 1907 1908.

It seems there was an earlier chapel on the site, as there is a foundation stone with the inscription: 1st chapel built 1836.

This chapel was in the Cheadle PM circuit.


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  • Melanie, 

    Pictures I have seen for this chapel do not show an obvious cemetery attached to the church. 

    The chapel currently appears to have an evening service on Sundays. Suggest you make contact through the Staffordshire Morelands Methodist Circuit when you want to arrange a visit.


    By Geoff Dickinson (01/04/2016)
  • Many thanks.  I certainly will do as you suggest and will keep you posted if I have any interesting news.  Thanks again. Melanie

    By melanie downing (01/04/2016)
  • Hello. I am currently researching family history for my elderly Mum. I am sure that her ancestors will have worshipped here. Is there a cemetery attached to the chapel? Family names are Beeson and Emery. In particular Elizabeth Ann Beeson, my mothers’ great grand mother, who may have been buried here in 1872 when she died at age 30. We plan to visit the area in June and I am hoping that the chapel will be open for visitors at that time. Many thanks for any information that you may be able to provide. Melanie Downing.

    By Melanie Downing (31/03/2016)
  • This page has been updated thanks to information and images provided by Jane Richardson, September 2014. 

    By Jill Barber (25/09/2014)

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