Harwich Primitive Methodist chapel

“The first preaching place in the town of Harwich was in Church Street; next, services were held in a rented room in George Street, afterwards in Church Lane, and then a small iron chapel was erected near the Masonic Hall. The present Central Church is pleasantly and prominently situated in Dovercourt, adjoining Harwich, and serves well for both places. It was erected in 1895, during the ministry of Rev. John Buck, and is a Gothic structure, seating about three-hundred-and-fifty, with school-room accommodation for two-hundred, and land reserved for class-rooms. The cost was £1,835, of which £1,213 has been raised. “

The opening of the “small iron chapel … erected near the Masonic Hall” was recorded in the 1879 Primitive Methodist magazine . It tells us nothing more.

However, the 1894 magazine tells an interesting next stage in the story.  A condition for obtaining the site for the iron chapel was that a permanent building had to be erected there within a certain time period – and by 1894 that period was drawing to a close and the Connexion decided to do something about it.  They decided to build  and because the site was not as good as they wanted, negotiated with the trustees for a better one. By the February 1894 magazine they were raising funds to finance building. By the November 1894 magazine, they had laid the foundation stones.

The 1897 magazine tells us that by then the chapel had been erected and was “a splendid success” that had saved the cause in Harwich.


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  • Are Dovercourt and Harwich the same place? This chapel has a lot in common with the story of Dovercourt Central Primitive Methodist chapel – including replacing an iron chapel with a permanent one. See more here.

    By Christopher Hill (27/06/2021)

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