Buckley Drury Lane Primitive Methodist chapel


Drury Lane Chapel, Buckley in its original state
contributed by Margaret Baker

This chapel looks too new to have been pre-1932, but the current (2013)┬áminister says, “The LHS of the Drury building is the original chapel but I do not know the date. I was surprised that it was an old society too as it does at first glance look like a 1960s build, but I believe does have quite some age.”

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  • From the 1857-1956 Buckley Sunday School Centenary Jubilee booklet re Drury Lane Methodist Church it is stated that members of the Ewloe Primitive Methodist Church were the first to form a small gathering about the year 1872. The founders of the Church were:-Mr.Isaac Wainwright; Mr.William Griffiths (Burntwood); Mr.William Griffiths, (Drury)-Chapel Keeper;Mr.Samuel Williams; Mr.William Hollins-Assistant Leader; Mr.Robert Humphreys;Mr.Thomas Ellis; Mr.John Thompson; Mr. Humphrey Humphries; Mr.William Davison; Mr.John Bellis; Mr.Stephen Hicks; Mr.Alfred Holmes; Mr.Joseph Rogers; Mr.Joseph Coleclough, who formed a small congregation in a room over a shop in Burntwood. After a time they moved into a room which was painted and prepared for service by the Rev.R.B.Howcroft, who was then stationed at Buckley. 

    The Rev. Joseph Davies, who was a Congregationalist, built the present Church in 1880, which was taken over by the Primitive Methodists. 

    The Church had an orchestra comprising about 16 members. The Leader was Mr. Thomas Griffiths, of Ledsham Houses. This orchestra, together with a harmonium organ, accompanied the Congregation in their singing at each Service. 

    The first Officers of the Church were as follows: Leader, Mr.John Millington,Senior, Ewloe; Superintendent, Mr.Tom Millington(Ewloe); Organist, Miss P.Lloyd(later Mrs Barker); Choir Master, Mr.John Davies(Drury) who later became Leader and whose name will live on in the memory of the Church. Following these Officers there have been many good and faithful workers in the Church including Mr. Robert Hewitt, J.P. who was organist, Society Steward and Superintendent of the Sunday School.

    The late Mr. George Grifffiths, M.P. for Hemsworth, Yorkshire, used to be a member of Drury Lane, also Rev.H.Peters, who is now a Minister in Canada. 

    There have been many changes in the Church over the past years. After the last World War an electric organ costing approximately £450 was installed, in memory of those who lost their lives and who were connected with the Church. The existing Church is now being extended by adding a new Sunday School costing about £4,500 which our members have worked hard to achieve.

    The present Officers of the Church and School are as follows: Church: Leader, Mr.F.Bellis. Society Steward, Mr.T.Millington; Church Secretary, Mrs G.Edwards; Treasurer, Mr.T.Weigh, Sunday School; Approximately 70 pupils; 9 teachers; Superintendent, Mr. T.Millington; Secretary, Miss E. Millington. Trust Secretaries: Mr.R. Messham, Mr. J.A.Holmes.

    The booklet also contains a photograph of the Chapel in its original state.

    By Margaret Baker (12/05/2013)

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