Chapel-Y-Wern, Carreghofa, Powys

Capel-Y-Wern Former Primitive Methodist Chapel. Powys

A Primitive Methodist Chapel stands at NGR SJ 2576 2056 and is marked on early OS Maps and is in Wern, Carreghofa, Powys. It was called Capel-Y-Wern and was opened in 1896 and is a small simple Red Brick Slate roof structure. The foundation Stone simply states ” Primitive Methodist Chapel 1896 ” and has no attached Graveyard. In 2003 the building was converted to a store/workshop as part of nearby development but the basic original features are still recognisable. It is unclear on its closure as a Chapel.

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  • I haven’t been able to find out yet when this chapel was built. It certainly does not appear on the O.S. 6″ map surveyed in 1874-5. It is mentioned in the “Wellington Journal ” of 4th September 1880 so was evidently built by then. It appears in Kelly’s Directory of Shropshire for 1891 and is marked on the O.S. 6″ & 25″ maps surveyed in 1900. I don’t know where the Royal Commissison on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales obtained their information (which I think is where your information has come from). but it would seem to be incorrect. Is the inscription on the datestone in the gable properly legible?
    When I am able to get into Shropshire Archives to look at the records I hope to be able to come up with precise information.

    By Janice Cox (18/08/2020)

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