Ffrwd (Frood) Primitive Methodist Chapel

near Wrexham

David Young writes:

“This, for me, is what a Primitive Methodist chapel should look like: simple, humble, dignified, not ornate, showy or pretentious.

Have you ever wondered why the prophet Haggai promised that, when the temple was rebuilt after being destroyed by the Babylonians, it would be greater in splendour than even Solomon’s temple? I have read that it never attained the outward beauty of the first temple, but Jesus himself walked and taught in it! That was what gave it its splendour. And surely, when this chapel was built, it was the beauty of the presence of Christ that the worshippers hoped for, and – I feel sure – experienced.

It was built in 1843 and rebuilt in 1877, and is still in use. The stone plaque carries an unchanging Gospel truth, spoken by Christ himself: “Ye must be born again.””

In September 1993 the chapel commemorated the 150th anniversary of there being a chapel on the site. The preacher at the anniversary service was Rev. William H. Anderson, stationed at that time at Melton Mowbray.

Mrs Thelma Griffiths, President of Summerhill W.I. and a member at Ffrwd produced a pictorial record of the 150th  Anniversary. This page includes some extracts from that record.

The minister of the chapel at that time was Rev. T. Aneurin Evans. He prepared a short history of the chapel, a transcription of which is added below as a pdf document.

A centenary was celebrated in 1943. The original chapel was built in 1843 and in 1877 it was re-built and enlarged.

In 1927 a leaflet was printed for the Jubilee Celebration of the new chapel. A transcription of the information in that leaflet is also added below as a pdf along with an extended history covering the period 1927-1977.

In 1862 a bible pulpit was presented with the cost raised by donation. A picture of the inner cover list the donors.

  • John Evans              1s. 0½d.
  • Thomas Jones          1s. 0d.
  • Thomas Cotterill       1s 0d.
  • Robert Parry                 6d.
  • William Evans               6d.
  • Mary Jones                   6d.
  • John Jones                   4d.
  • Dabore Jones                4d.
  • Thomas Evans              3d.
  • Mary Evans                  3d.
  • Ann Evans                    3d.
  • Elizabeth Parry              2d.
  • Elizabeth Phoenix          1d.
  • William Atkins               1d.
  • Margaret Parry              2d.
  • Elizabeth Williams         ½d.

Hugh Bourne preached at Ffrwd in July 1848 and the chapel has a plaque to commemorate that event.

Thomas Cotterill is pictured along with a plaque which is located in the chapel.

Ffrwd (Frood) Primitive Methodist Chapel


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  • The 1877 Primitive Methodist magazine (page 699) records the laying of the memorial stones for a new Primitive Methodist chapel at Frood.

    By Christopher Hill (17/05/2020)
  • The 1878 Primitive Methodist (page 253) magazine contains a note of the opening of a new Primitive Methodist chapel at Frood in the Wrexham station. We are told nothing more, except that the circumstances seemed to promise well.

    By Christopher Hill (10/05/2020)

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