Wrexham Beast Market Primitive Methodist chapel

Beast Market Chapel, 1857-79

The little white building was the Primitive Methodist chapel at the Beast Market, Wrexham, in use 1857-79, when the congregation moved to a new chapel in Talbot Road. The 1872 street map of Wrexham confirms the identity of the building, as it labels it specifically as a Primitive Methodist chapel.

A photocopy of the photograph was sent to me after I gave a talk at a Baptist church in Wrexham on the ministry of John Ride,┬áthe Primitive Methodist minister who was the first to ‘open’ Wrexham in 1821. This led me to the Wrexham Leader, who kindly found the original article (from 2nd November 2010) and printed it out for me. The photograph was taken on 9th August 1902, when a crowd of 8000 gathered and sang the National Anthem at the time of the coronation of King Edward VIII. The words on the wall of the ex-chapel, faint in the photograph, seem to say “Mechanical Garage Works”.

It has not been possible to find an image of the original 1832 chapel, which was also at the Beast Market, presumably on the same site.

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  • The Primitive Methodist magazine of 1833 (page 447) contains an account by J Hutchinson of the opening of Wrexham Primitive Methodist chapel.

    The chapel was built near the spot where first Primitive Methodist sermon was preached and the society had 40 members.  The society was indebted to Mr Davies of Ven-a-Bilsen-Mill, a true friend for assistance. 

    The new chapel measured 24′(w) x 30′(l) x 12′(h).

    Opening services took place on 23/12/1832 & 25/12/1832 when the preachers on the Sunday were John Hallum and Rev Williams (Independent minister) and on the Tuesday (Christmas Day) was Rev J Pearce (Presbyterian)        J Hutchinson.

    By Christopher Hill (28/08/2017)

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