Wrexham Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel

Talbot Road, Wrexham

Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, Talbot Road, Wrexham, as it is in December 2012.

This chapel is in a large residential area of Wrexham. I hope to add more information about its history at a later date.

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  • My grandfather, William Roberts was one of the leaders of the Church of Christ in Talbot road until his death in 1953. I wonder if they exchanged buildings with the Methodists, as I have a vague memory that Poyser Steet was mentioned as the former location of the C of C. I have childhood memories of visiting the chapel! The Church of Christ was not an off shoot of the Baptists (the only shared doctrine was that of believers’ baptism )- in 1972 most of their churches amalgamated with the URC.

    By David T Robets (04/03/2019)
  • Primitive Methodism (according to a book in Wrexham museum) possibly began with a visit from Hugh Bourne in 1815. Itinerant ministers began preaching here more often in 1817. In 1857 a chapel was built at the Beast Market, and had a minister called Sapcoat. The congregation moved in 1879 to the chapel shown in the picture, which had accommodation for 250 plus a Sunday school room. In 1911 the congregation moved to a new chapel in Poyser Street, and by 1918 the membership had nearly trebled. Poyser Street chapel was demolished in the 1990s; the Talbot Road chapel was acquired in 1912 by “the Church of Christ”, a small denomination which had some local congregations, which is an offshoot of the Baptists believing (if I am correct) that baptism is essential to salvation.

    By David Young (09/01/2013)

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