Coate Primitive Methodist chapel

Coate, Swindon SN3 6AA

Coate Primitive Methodist chapel
Handbook of the Brinkworth and Swindon Centenary District Synod
Provided by David Tonks

Primitive Methodism appeared at Coate early in the century, since in 1828 a building occupied there by Joseph Smith was registered for worship by this denomination.

The souvenir Official Handbook of the Brinkworth and Swindon Centenary District Synod held in 1910 records that:

For many years the Services were held in the cottages of Messrs. Webb and Gregory.  In 1888 the present building was erected.

Number of sittings: 82

Number of members: 1

Total cost: £117

Present debt: Nil

The 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious worship return for Coate was completed by William Webb, the steward and John Knight, the minister.  Is William Webb the cottage owner?

The 1888 building was closed many years ago but is still visible on Google street view from June 2012, looking unused but essentially sound.

British History online: accessed August 2014


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  • The chapel has recently been demolished and two houses are being built on the site which have been designed to replicate the appearance of the former chapel (planning application S/18/1825 refers – Swindon Borough Council). The chapel building had had an extension added and been converted into an engineering workshop operating under the name ‘Chapel Engineering’ but those operations had ceased and the building was empty. An earlier planning application S/17/1791, which was withdrawn, has a conservation officers report with an earlier photograph of the chapel showing the original entrance in a second smaller structure to the right of the image on this page.

    By Neil Pithouse (07/10/2021)

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