Shalbourne Primitive Methodist chapel

Daniel's Lane/Hungerford Road, Shalbourne MARLBOROUGH

Shalbourne's former Wesleyan Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1989
Return from Shalbourn Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
Provided by David Tonks

The notes with Keith Guyler’s  picture of the former chapel in Kingston Road, Shalbourne (SN8 3QF, just east of the Plough Inn), describe it as the former Primitive Methodist Chapel and date it as 1911. In fact on the 1924 Ordnance Survey 1:2,500 map it is labelled as the Wesleyan chapel.  He may be correct as to the 1911 date as on the 1900 O.S. map the Wesleyan chapel is shown not here but further to the north-east along Kingston Road, on the opposite side of the road.

Cosburn’s Directory of 1911 mentions both Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels in Shalbourne; so where was the Primitive Methodist chapel?  It can clearly be seen on the 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey maps in both 1900 and 1924 at the junction of Daniel’s Lane and Hungerford Road, some way out of the village.  There is just a clump of trees visible on Street View there now.

We can find a little more about the Primitive Methodist society.

  • The Berkshire Family History Society website says that a Primitive Methodist chapel existed in the village in 1851.
  • The 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship contains an entry for Shalbourn (without an ‘e’) Primitive Methodists in the Hungerford district. Its is not clear whether this is a chapel or a meeting place because it says the building is not used exclusively as a place of worship.
  • The Wiltshire Council Community History website says that the Primitive Methodist Chapel was first mentioned in Kelly’s Directory in 1899 (but possibly earlier) and closed about 1950.

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  • Thanks for spotting this Michael.  I’ve amended the page in the light of what you said and done some further research especially using Ordnance Survey maps.  The chapel in the picture is actually the Wesleyan chapel and the Primitive chapel was well out of the village.  Is there any evidence now of the Primitive Methodist chapel where Daniel’s Lane used to join Hungerford Road?

    By Christopher Hill (16/02/2016)
  • The photograph is not anyway to do with the description. The photograph relates to the methodist church at Kingston Road Shalbourne and was closed down and everything inside removed in the early 1960’s. It was purchased by Mr Bill Rees who lived next door at The Elms. Shalbourne Youth Club rented the property for a few years before it was sold and made into living accommodation. The map hightlights the location of the photograph. I know because I went to service at both of them.

    By Michael Walker (14/02/2016)

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