Barugh Primitive Methodist chapel

Barnsley circuit: Barnsley Rd, Barugh Green, S75 1LS

Barugh Primitive Methodist chapel front view. The picture is from the 1980s with Dora Bedford Boys' son Robert in front of the church.
Bob Boys
Barugh Primitive Methodist chapel
Bob Boys
Barugh Primitive Methodist chapel Sunday school. The girl above the circle is Bob Boys' grandmother, Dora Bedford Boys. The picture was taken around 1910.
Bob Boys

“On Lord’s days, November 25th and December 2nd, I860, a very neat, substantial, and comfortable chapel, 30 feet long by 23 feet wide, was opened at Barugh in this circuit, with sermons on the former day by Mr. J. Gaukrodger, of Burnley, and on the latter by the Rev. C. Lace, of Sheffield. Both the preachers served the cause effectively. On Monday, the 3rd, about 120 persons sat down to a very superior tea ; after which a spirited and edifying public meeting was held. Notwithstanding the inclement weather, the congregations and monetary results were good. The collections amounted to £9, and the profits of the tea meeting to £2 — together £11. This is the third chapel we have opened in this station during the year 1860. The Lord’s name be praised.” (Robert  Smith)

Barugh Methodist church is still active in 2018. The building on Barnsley Road which boldly proclaims “Primitive Methodist chapel” in stone carries the date 1874.  Was this built on the same site as the 1860 chapel? Is it the 1860 chapel enlarged?

You can see the chapel in 2021 here.


Primitive Methodist magazine March 1861 page 170

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  • Yes, very sadly it’s now gone. I enjoyed preaching there several times, but it had dwindled to a very small number of faithful members. I wish we still had the evangelistic zeal of those early Prims!

    By Richard Hindley (21/03/2022)
  • This Chapel has been demolished recently.

    By Kate Race (20/03/2022)

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