Hull Sutton on Hull Primitive Methodist Church

College St, Hull HU7 4UJ

Geoff Preston, March 2013
Geoff Preston, March 2013
Geoff Preston, March 2013
Sutton on Hull Primitive Methodist chapel
Christian Messenger 1910/27
Sutton on Hull Primitive Methodist chapels

This replaced a Primitive Methodist Chapel, said to have been built in 1832, which stood in the present Chamberlain Street. The new chapel was registered in 1893. It was deregistered in 1933, and subsequently used for various purposes. It is now a Masonic Hall.

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Thomas Newsome describes the 1855 opening of the second Sutton on Hull Primitive Methodist chapel in the Primitive Methodist magazine of August 1855.

Sutton on Hull was missioned around 1825 and in 1832 a small chapel was erected. The society steadily outgrew the building and, although it took them 12 years to find a suitable site, the foundation-stone of a new chapel was laid January 19, 1855, by Mrs. Hall, of Sutton, “an old and tried friend to the society,” with Mr. W. Garner, of the Hull 1st Circuit preaching.

A major fundraising tea meeting for was held on Good Friday, April 6, 1855 in the Wesleyan chapel, addressed by Rev J Hargreaves, the Wesleyan minister. In the evening “Mr. W. Hall, a warm-hearted Wesleyan, was unanimously voted to the chair; the meeting was addressed by Mr. Darby, another liberal-hearted Wesleyan, and two or three of our own ministers. It was delightful to see the harmonious blending of different sections of the Christian church, and the manifest desire of all to assist us in our godlike project.”

The chapel was opened on the 13th and 20th of May, 1855 with addresses by Messrs. W. Sanderson, of Kirton and T. Ratcliffe, of Pocklington.

The chapel which was built by Mrs Hall and sons, was 35ft. by 24′ and 15′ 6″ from floor to ceiling; it had 118 letable sittings,” and a proportionate number free. There are three large circular-headed windows in the west side; one on the east, and two smaller ones on the south end. It is well ventilated. A circular stone is put over the door way, bearing the inscription ” Primitive Methodist Chapel, 1855.” The roof is covered with good blue slate ; a short space in the front is asphalted, and enclosed with iron palisading”.

The entire cost, including the ground, expense of deeds, and enrolment, was £280. Towards this they had raised, by collections, donations, subscriptions, tea-meeting, and collecting books, about £80 and the surplus from the sale of the old chapel, which was almost debtless was £46/4/0 making a total of £126/4/0.

Special thanks went to — Liddle, Esq. of Sutton, for a donation of £5 and to Mr. T. Pearson, of Hull.


Primitive Methodist magazine August 1855 pp.495-496

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  • Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives):

    Ref. C DCT/84: College Street PM Chapel, Sutton-Hull: Collection Journal 1912-1922.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (04/07/2018)
  • For clarity: A chapel was opened in Chamberlain Street in 1832, rebuilt 1855, closed 1876 and demolished.  That illustrated is its successor of 1876 in College Street, architect Joseph Wright. Closed in 1933, the congregation took over the former Wesleyan chapel of 1859 in Church Street

    By Colin Dews (02/03/2018)

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