Hull Lambert Street Primitive Methodist Church, George Lamb Memorial (ii)

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My connection with the Primitive Methodists is through my mother’s side of the family – the Smiths. My great great grandfather is already on this site  – Benjamin Smith (born 1849). A distant cousin of mine wrote three slim volumes about the Smiths in the early 80s, focussed on Ben And his wife Martha (nee Cousins). They were published by the Hutton Press in Beverley.

Martha laid one of the four foundation stones for the Methodist Church that still stands on Lambert Street in Hull. It appears to have been the subject of a serious fire this year (2015) when it was gutted after being derelict for a number of years. I attach a number of photos relating to Ben & Martha and the Lambert Street Church.

Editor’s note:

The church was known as George Lamb Memorial chapel. You can read more about it and the fire on this page.


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  • Hi Gail, I’m afraid I don’t have any information about the shop in Driffield, but it looks like we’re third cousins. I would love to know how we link up exactly and whether there is information we can share about our common ancestry. I have quite a lot of information on the Smiths (my mother was a Smith) and have a family tree on Ancestry that you’re welcome to look at. I’m also in touch, or have been with various other branches. As Ben Smith had 9 children and his son Ben had 10, there are plenty about.

    By Michael Wrigglesworth (05/01/2024)
  • Ben Smith is also my great great grandfather. I live in Driffield, where Ben and Martha lived for a short time after they married, before moving their tea and grocery business to Hull. Ruth Braithwaite’s book mentions their “corner shop” in Driffield, but I have been unable to find out exactly where this was – does anyone have any information?

    By Gail Rowley (02/01/2024)
  • I used to go to The Girls Life Bridgade which was in the church hall weekly. This was in 1960 – 64. Miss Ake who lived down Degrey Street ran it. Every year we went on a camp trip. I remember one being in Filey. One being just outside Skipton.

    By Norma Drury (20/10/2023)
  • Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives):

    REf. C DCT/527: Lambert Street PM Chapel records, 1891-1930s. Other Refs. numbers to other collections.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (04/07/2018)
  • The chapel opened in 1894; architects were B. Thompson & W.A Gelder. It closed c.1993.

    By Colin Dews (02/03/2018)

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