Little Town Primitive Methodist chapel

The foundation stone for Little Town Primitive Methodist chapel, near Dewsbury, was laid on April 6th 1860.

Edwin Frith, Esq., of Heckmondwicke, laid the stone after a procession to the new site. Others involved included Rev. J. Baldwin, circuit superintendent, and Messrs S. Antliff, Anty, Sykes, Scott, Machin, Cowling and Beaumont.

“We held the opening services October 28th, and November 4th, 1860. The sermons were preached by the Rev. T. Newell, of Leeds, M. R. Mather, Dewsbury, Rev. H. Bean, Independent, Heckmondwike, H. J. MacCullock, Esq., of York, and the writer. The collections amounted to £30. November 5th, tea was gratuitously provided, when upwards of 200 persons sat down, and were highly gratified. The proceeds of the tea were £10. After tea a public meeting was held, and the influence of heaven rested upon the people. The chair was taken by T. Batty, of Deighton. Addresses were delivered by M. J. Leadbeater, A. Sykes, W. Cowling, R.Batty, R. Mather, Revs. J. Harrison and J. Baldwin.

The cost of the chapel is about £350. It will accommodate 240 persons, and there is a school-room underneath, which is 33 feet by 17. The chapel is 39 feet by 33. The walls are brick and stone. The front windows are 10 feet by 4, circular tops and double recess. The height from the floor to the ceiling is 16 feet. More than one third of the entire cost has already been realized, and more will come in. I trust that many souls will have to praise God through eternity that ever this house was erected. Joseph Baldwin.”


Primitive Methodist magazine July 1860 page 436

Primitive Methodist magazine May 1861 page 303-304


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  • An entry in the 1861 Primitive Methodist magazine records the actual opening of the chapel: details added.

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