Pontefract Primitive Methodist chapel

Micklegate WF8 1QG

Pontefract Primitive Methodist chapel was re-opened after extensive cleaning and repainting on November 26th 1854.  Sermons were preached by Rev. W. Sanderson, of Scotter and the Rev. T. Dunn, Wesleyan. The following day there was a teaa meeting for 100. The chair was Mr. McKechnie, the superintendent, and addresses were delivered by the Revs. W. Sanderson, T.Ellis (Independent), and by Messrs. H. Taylor, R. Martin, and Thomas Smith, who supplied the information to the Primitive Methodist Magazine.

The chapel is shown on Ordnance Survey maps on Micklegate. On the same site in 2017 is the current Pontefract Methodist church.


Primitive Methodist magazine February 1855 p.113


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  • “hapath”. hape ‘ny”. “hapenney”.

    Additional :
    ref. WWN182/C6/25, Pontefract, Halfpenny (Half Penny) Lane, Tanshelf, * Primitive Methodist Mission, baptisms 1908-1932, 1933-1974. Other documents.
    *it is not clear if same Mission as other Tanshelf posting.

    Halfpenny Lane on an O.S. Map, 25 inch scale, 1913 to 1914, published 1922, there was a Mission Hall (now demolished ) but not clarified Primitive Methodist used or built.
    Before or later named St. Marys but did have an older stone plaque also, wording not known.
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    Ray & Mary. ( Æ ).

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    The Mission.
    ref. WWM186/C6/29, Pontefract, Primitive Methodist’s, Tanshelf Mission/Newgate, baptisms 1903-1932, 1933-1962 ( 8? ), other documents 1894-1965 ( 7?, 8? ).

    Kind regards, R&M.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (10/06/2022)
  • West Yorkshire Archive Services :
    ref. WWM184/C6/27, Pontefract, Micklegate, Primitive Methodist, baptisms 1903-1932, 1933-67. Sunday School meetings 1929-1932, continuation. Other documents 1840-2009.

    Kind regards, Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella. ( Æ ). (10/06/2022)

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