South Ossett PM Chapel

Postcard given to Englesea Brook by Revd Howard Clark, Ottawa, Canada

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  • West Yorkshire Archives Services, HQ, Wakefield branch:

    Ref. Ref. WWMC31/C8/5: Ossett Queen Street Primitive Methodist Circuit Records, to include Preaching Plans 1908-1932, etc. Other Circuit documents from c.1870-1932, 1933-1954. (Some records include a 100 year viewing restriction). 

    Ref. C111/603-607: Ossett Green (later Queen Street) Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel, duplicate Marriage Registers 1899-1932, 1933-1959.

    Ref. WM168/C8/23: Ossett Queens St. Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel and Sunday School Records, c.1856-1932, 1933-1962.

    Ref. C111/615/6-618: Ossett Common, South Parade (Trinity) Primitive Methodist Chapel, duplicate Marriage Registers 1910-1932, etc. Also Ref. WWM170/C8/25: documents c.1861-1932, 1933-1968.

    Ref. WWM166/C8/21: Ossett Dewsbury Road Streetside  Primitive Methodist Chapel, Closed 1986. Various Chapel and Sunday School documents c. 1863-1932, 1933-c.1986/7. 

    Anyone viewing these perticular above documented references at the WYAS needs to verify that all Chapels were Primitive Methodist pre-1932.

    Editor’s Note: Follow this link to Genuki to view a picture of the Mount Zion Chapel.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (10/04/2018)

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