Scholes Primitive Methodist chapel

17 White Wells Rd, Scholes, Holmfirth HD9 1TB

Scholes Primitive Methodist chapel
Stan Driver 2021
datestone of Scholes Primitive Methodist chapel
Stan Driver 2021

The laying of the foundation stone at Scholes Primitive Methodist chapel is recorded in the Primitive Methodist magazine of November 1860. The ceremony took place on July 30th 1860.

The land was given by Mr. Hezekiah Haigh, of Scholes. Charles Bhodes, Esq., of Bradford laid the stone. Messrs. Ehodes and Snowdon each baptized a child on the foundation-stone, and the Rev. H.Hatherley prayed. Preachers included Mr. James Blackburn, of Huddersfield, Rev. J. Fearn (Wesleyan).

The celebrations included tea for 134 in the Wesleyan chapel  at Jackson Bridge.

There were two more teas when the chapel actually opened. Opening celebrations started on March 14th 1861. Preachers included  Rev. J. S. Workman, Wesleyan, of Huddersfield, Rev. R.Willan, Independent, of Holmfirth, Rev. J. Baldwin, of Dewsbury, Rev. R. Baxter, Rev. T. W. Holmes, of Holmfirth, Mr. S. Glendenning, Messrs. G. Dearnley, W. Holmes, J. Castle, J. Beavers, H. Hatherley, J. Snowdon, and R. Baxter.

Significant donors included Mr. H. Haigh who gave the land, J. North, Esq., Mr. J. Blackburn, Mr. G. Mitchell, Mr. J. Hardy, gave slates.

The new chapel cost £266 of which £141 had been raised; it seated 200. It was “well spouted”.

The chapel is still active in 2018. Thanks to Stan Driver for the pictures


Primitive Methodist magazine November 1860 page 692

Primitive Methodist magazine June 1861 pages 365-366


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  • The former PM Chapel, White Wells Rd., annexed to Marsh Road:

    The comedian, dancer, musician, singer Roy Castle, born Scholes attended the Sunday School has a small boy. An extension to the Chapel/Church was built in 1989, while the Sunday School was being demolished to include a landscaped area.

    In late Dec. 2010 and over the year 2011 the former PM Chapel (became termed Methodist Church) held a 150th anniversary celebration over a period of months. Fireworks display, Flower Festival, Skelmonthorpe Brass Band attended, Honley Ladies Coir attended, Quiz night, Scholes Infants & Junior School Coir attended, Scarecrow Trail from the Church, Carols and Christmas Light decorations with Christmas Tree. 

    There was a newspaper article (Huddersfield Daily Examiner) about the anniversary, some of my posting from it but a mention of a J.Castle prompted me to make my posting.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (10/04/2018)
  • Extra:

    West Yorkshire Archives Service, Kirklees branch:

    Ref. WYAS5695: PM Preaching Plan (Scholes, etc.), Oct., – Dec., 1931.

    Ref. C73 (C00073): Holmfirth/Homlefirth PM Circuit Records, Scholes, etc.

    Ref. WYK837 (WYAS 5287) Scholes Primitive Methodists Chapel Records, from c.1869. Sunday School Minutes 1896-1922. Photos 1997-2000. Other documents. (Earlier deposits, Refs. KCZ0178 (NM/ME). KC000613. KC00629).

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (10/04/2018)
  • Further to previous postings:

    Roy Castle (OBE) was born at Scholes 31st August 1932 within the time period 1932-1933 of Methodist unification, but was he baptised in Scholes PM Chapel, he attending at least the Sunday School there has a small boy, he and his wife (married the dancer Fiona Dickinson in 1963, having had 4 children) both being committed Christians. Amongst his musical recordings was a charting Christmas song in 1960 titled ‘ Little White Berry’.

    Roy, a Non-Smoker, died of lung cancer in 1994, believed from being a passive-smoker from his various places or preformed entertainment where smoking was then allowed.

    “With hope his trumpet is now sounding within the Realm of the Great Creator”.  

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (10/04/2018)
  • Whilst working my way through accounts of chapel openings in the Primitive Methodist magazine I have realised how little I know about the detail of construction.  Ventilation is often discussed, but Scholes chapel is the only one I have met which is described as “well spouted”.

    By Christopher Hill (09/04/2018)

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