Wickersley Primitive Methodist chapel

Bawtry Road, Wickersley, S66 1JJ

Wickersley Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1879 Primitive Methodist magazine contains a note of the opening of a new Primitive Methodist chapel at Wickersley in the Rotherham station. They had raised over half of the cost.

The 1892 Ordnance Survey map shows a Primitive Methodist chapel on the south side of Bawtry Road just east of its junction with Morthen Road. There is a modern Methodist church building on the site on Street View (undated).


Primitive Methodist magazine 1879 page 252

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  • It would be good to add a picture to the site Katie and learn the names on the other memorial stones. You can send a picture to enquiries@engleseabrook.org.uk.

    By Christopher Hill (23/03/2021)
  • I have a poor quality photograph of the second Primitive Methodist Chapel built on this site and a photocopy of the inside.
    There are four founding stones which are still in existence, placed within the existing stone wall. One was laid by my 3x great grandfather: William Roddis, stone quarry owner 1878. Another was laid by John Varah and there are two more which I need to double check (before giving you false information) as the names are worn. Some of my ancestors were Primitive Methodist Preachers and appear on your website; one being George Normandale 1819-1875 and another of my 3x great grandfathers and perhaps the inspiration for the spread of Primitive Methodism in Wickersley.

    By Katie Smith (22/03/2021)

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