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Looking thro’ my family history the name Bowran was my mothers maiden name. Her father Joseph was born in the Durham area in around 1860/1870. Joseph moved with his family to Chesterfield I think in connection with the railways. The family spoke of relations having a mission in Newcastle and another member having a piano shop. Joseph was killed at the battle of the Somme, he left his wife Ellan and daughters  Gladys and Doris. Another story was that there was some connection to Grace Darling. Now after many many years there is no other Bowrans to ask about the stories.

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  • Thank you for your research . My grandad’s name was as I was told Enoch Bowran. He died in January 1912 age 29 years old. My grama was pregnant with my dad who was born June 23rd 1912. My aunty, Margret Jane Bowran, who was born in May 1907, was my dads sister. My dad’s name was Dennis Bowran. Could you please tell me if Enoch Bowran married Mary Ellen Adlington. Was Enoch born in 1882 in Durham.

    By Linzi (11/06/2019)
  • I have been on the internet about the Bowrans . My name is Christine Bowran. I was born 11th October 1947. My dad’s fathers name was Enoch Bowran who came from Newcastle. Beginning of the 19th centres. My dad, Dennis Bowran always told me Grace Darling was a relation. My grandad Enoch Bowran was a brother of many siblings. If u want to get in touch with me my phone number is 07807742700. I’m not on the internet, my daughter Linzi found you on her phone .

    By Linzi (11/06/2019)
  • Anthea,

    I have had a quick look into your family history – don’t know if this helps. Your grandfather, Joseph was born about 1875 at Gateshead, Co. Durham. His full name was Joseph Darling Bowran. The 1911 census identifies his occupation as steel furnace man in Chesterfield. He married Ellen Rostock, nee Hallam, on 11 March 1901 at St Mary and All Saints, Chesterfield.

    Joseph’s father was John Darling Bowran, a railway engine driver born abt 1844, who moved from Gateshead to Chesterfield with his family. He married Margaret Jane Forster on 14 March 1866 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    John’s father was also called John. He was born abt 1820 in Northumberland and married a Margaret Darling in 1841. Margaret was also born abt 1820. Sadly I have not been able to find a clear link between Margaret Darling and Grace Darling.

    By Geoff Dickinson (17/01/2016)

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