The Committee Waggon

Who are they? (Relates to Rev Joseph Hucknall)

Primitive Methodists on a farm cart
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The photo referred to in my previous piece shows the Rev Joseph Hucknall (second from the left) and seven other church dignitaries plus a little boy.  If the little boy is my father (also Joseph Hucknall) then it was probably taken in Scotter in Lincolnshire but why would such a distinguished looking group meet in such a small place and have their photograph taken on a farm cart?

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  • John Butler was the circuit steward in the Scotter circuit. It is quite likely that the waggon belonged to him as he was a potato farmer.

    By Geoff Dickinson (20/02/2015)
  • I am grateful to David Tonks for the suggestion that the gathering on the farm waggon might have had something to do with the centenery celebrations which I understand began in 1907 and continued for a few year after that date. In that year my forebear Rev. Joseph Hucknall would have been 70 years old and looking at the image on the photo (2nd from the left) that could well have been possible.

    By John Hucknall (24/11/2012)
  • Do the additional identifications give any clue about the date of the photograph? The occasion could well be a Camp Meeting, where some of the preaching stands were often farmers’ carts. Given the top hats, was this a celebration Camp Meeting of 100 years of Primitive Methodism, perhaps in 1911?

    By David Tonks (20/11/2012)
  • Since posting this photograph I have found another, much faded, copy on the back of which my late father has identified several of the people; first his grandfather Rev. Joseph Hucknall (2nd left), 6th left Mr John Butler, 7th left (and here it gets interesting) Rev. Snaith, extreme right Rev. Mainprize and the little boy is not my father but Mr Snaith’s son Norman, is he, I wonder, later to become Rev. Dr. Norman Snaith, distinguished Biblical Scholar and Theologian?

    By John Hucknall (18/11/2012)

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