William Cowen and Robert Kennaugh

Mr William Cowen and his wife, Nancy
Mr Robert Kennaugh

My maternal great grandfather, William Cowen ( 1860-1922), of 3 Brayton Terrace, Bransty, Whitehaven, is mentioned as conducting a memorial service in Whitehaven for a member of the Methodist Church but I cannot find in your website any mention of him in your webste.
His son, Joseph Cowen is however,mentioned as having died during WWI in Persia. In fact it was during the Battle of Sheikh Sa’ad, in Mespotamia (Iraq) in January 1916. He was buried in Basra.
My other maternal grandfather, Robert Kennaugh ( 1847-1926), had been the oldest living Rechabite in the town of Whitehaven when he died and agin no mention of him on your site.

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  • Margaret,

    Thank you for your post regarding your family members. This site is a Community Archive, and as such relies on stories shared by the community. As a consequence it cannot be a comprehensive archive of all Primitive Methodists.

    We would be delighted if you could provide a page about each of the family you have mentioned above.

    By Geoff Dickinson (12/11/2022)

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