Beck, James (Jesse)

Christian Messenger 1910
Two of Jesse Beck's sons names are on the St Thomas Road 1907 Primitive Methodist church WWI Memorial in "Thanksgiving to God For Those Who Returned" H Beck (Harry Alfred Beck my grandfather P Beck (Percy Beck born 1900)
Andrew Thurman
Photo probably taken at the unveiling of the monument in 1926 by Jesse's son, Percy Beck.
Andrew Thurman
Jesse Beck in his fifties.
Andrew Thurman

Transcription of ‘Sketch’ in the Christian Messenger

Sincerity is the fittest word with which to sum up the character of our friend. There is no make-believe or unreality about him, but entire freedom from false pretence.

In the discharge of his duties as Society Steward of the St Thomas Road Church (Derby Fourth Circuit) he is most unostentatious, being very modest and unassuming. He is trustworthy, and can be relied upon to be present at his post of duty.

His early days were not spent in Primitive Methodism, but for seven years he was a member of the church choir, his father belonging to the Established Church.

He was born at Abbots Bromley (Staffs), and had by no means an easy upbringing, often having to endure hardship.

After leaving home he attended some special services conducted by the late Mrs. Bosworth at the Central Church (Derby), where the arm of the Lord was revealed, and Bro. Beck, along with others, had his true condition brought home to him, and God for Christ’s sake pardoned his sins.

Very soon Sunday School work was engaged in, then open-air mission work, and finally he was induced to qualify for the Local Preachers’ plan, in which sphere of labour he renders excellent service. His sermons give evidence of careful preparation, and he has had many evidences of the power of prayer.

He is a zealous worker among the young, being superintendent of the Sunday school, president of the Band of Hope and also the C.E. society. In addition, he is a class leader, member of the choir, and has also served as secretary of the old trust.


Family and other information

I have not been able to identify a James Beck born in Abbots Bromley and later living in Derby in census records.

Could this have been Jesse Beck (1873-1935), a bricklayer?

Jesse was born in Abbots Bromley and married Fanny Harrison in Derby in 1895. He died on 14 December 1935 at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary having lived at 33 Sackville Street, Derby.

Can anyone confirm this identification?


Christian Messenger 1910/319

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  • My Mother, Mary Thurman (nee Beck) age 96 confirms that the picture in the link with a photo named “James Beck” is actually her grandfather Jesse Beck.
    The picture of Jesse Beck, I remember seeing on Fanny Beck’s parlor wall could be with a cousin in Mount Sorrel, Loughbough and if she has it I will ask her to take a photo and if I get this I will send an attachment to you.

    By Andrew Thurman (02/07/2019)
  • I am not sure who James Beck was in the picture but Jesse Beck born at Abbots Bromley in 1874 and died in 1935 was my maternal great grandfather.
    As mentioned by T.S.Ball, Jesse was a bricklayer and a Primitive Methodist Lay Preacher and he attended the St Thomas Road Church, Derby.

    I never met Jesse as he died before I was born in 1954 but Fanny Beck (nee Harrison) I saw many times as a child as she passed away in 1965 in Derby.

    The father of Jesse Beck was Joseph Beck a carpenter and he married 3 times. He married his 3rd wife Barbra Booth in 1871 and Barbra was Jesse Beck’s Mother.
    Joseph Beck was born in Hanbury, Staffordshire in 1835 and died in 1906 in Uttoxetter, Staffordshire.

    I remember there was a large framed photo portrait on great grandmother Fanny’s parlor wall of Jesse Beck and I guess he would have been in his early 40s in the picture.
    It is possible a cousin may have the photo and I will inquire to see if a copy is possible.

    By Andrew Thurman (02/07/2019)

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