Bagnall, John (1820-1889)

John Bagnall was born at Betley, in Staffordshire, in 1820, and died at Earlestown, Jan. 18, 1888, after an illness of two or three months. He was converted in 1843, in a prayer meeting at Wrine Hill, in the Newcastle-under-Lyme Station. He forthwith became a local preacher, and soon was made both a leader and a trustee. There he resided twenty years, regularly taking ten or eleven appointment every quarter, many of which were from eight to twelve miles distant. In 1863 he came to reside at Earlestown, where at once he identified himself with the society, continued his labours as a local preacher, was soon appointed a leader and afterwards a trustee, also treasurer of the Trust Estate, which office he had sustained, at the time of his death, for twelve years, with great credit to himself and advantage to the church. For a time also he filled the honourable position of circuit steward.

Thus for the long space of forty four years he was an active, able, and loyal Primitive Methodist. He was eminently a strong man, whether in the pulpit, the class, or the business meeting. He also was as stable as a rock, and honest as the day. It is true he was rugged, but his ruggedness was that of granite. Writing to his son after his decease, the Rev. F. N. Shimmin, who travelled three years in the Earlestown station,  says: ‘Had I known he was so ill, I should have written to him, for he was good at heart, and I esteemed him highly for the long and faithful service rendered to the cause of God. He was sturdy and true in what he took in hand, and loved to feel the power of the world to come.’ ‘The memory of the just is blessed.’


Obituary in Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1889, p694

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  • His trade was an wheelwright and in Betley he had a business employing two men and four boys (some could haave been his sons) He was married to a Elizabeth Dobson and had ten children. His two brothers-in-law Richard and John Dobson had moved to Earls Town as well. When he died he was living with his youngest son Frederick.

    By Bill Bagnall (05/02/2014)

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