Butler, John (1850-1930)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1910

Transcription of Magazine ‘Sketch’

Mr. Butler has been the Steward of Scotter Circuit for 27 years. He faithfully discharges his duties, and enjoys the confidence of every member and official of the station. A loyal Primitive Methodist, a most devoted disciple of Christ, no interests are so dear to him as the advancement of the Kingdom. His dynamic in the great service is fervent love of our Master. He gets through an enormous amount of work with few words. In his work there are emitted no sparks. The power is switched on, and though no noise is heard, there is seen a great light. He is probably a perfect Christian – never offending even in a word. Like Osiris, he has gone forth to conquer the world, not with chariots and horses, but with music. Never vaunting himself, never seeking his own, bearing all things, believing all things, hoping all things, to-day he inherits all things. No man in North Lincolnshire is more revered.

John Graham

Family and other information

John was born in late 1850 at Luddington, nr Garthorpe, Lincolnshire, to parents John and Jane. John, senior, was a cordwainer (1851) and later a grocer.

(Note: John is identified as four months old at the time of the 1851 census which was taken on the night of 30 March 1851)

Census returns identify the following occupations for John.

  • 1871 merchant’s clerk out of employment
  • 1881 grocer and draper
  • 1891 grocer, draper and farmer
  • 1901 draper and grocer, etc.
  • 1911 draper farmer

At the turn of the 20th Century the family introduced a new variety of potato into the country from the United States.  Since there had been a change of monarch on the throne they called it the ‘King Edward’.

Follow this link to see John riding ‘The Committee Wagon‘.

John married Annie Buttrick (abt1852-1938) in the spring of 1879 at Garthorpe, Lincolnshire. Census returns identify eleven children.

  • Annie Jane (b1880) – married Herbert Wright, a farmer, in 1905
  • Lizzie Mary (abt1881-1956) – married Alfred Thomas Harsley, a farmproduce merchant and agent, in 1909
  • John (b abt1882) – a potato merchant (1930)
  • Harold (1883-1953) – a shopkeeper
  • Herbert (1884-1977) – a farmer
  • Arthur (b1886) – a tool maker (1920); emigrated to USA in 1907
  • Mabel (b1887)
  • Fred (b1888) – a potato merchant (1930)
  • Azubah (1890-1970) – married Harry Marris on 1913
  • Maud (b1891)
  • Frank (abt1893-1968)

John died on 15 March 1930 at Scotter, Lincolnshire.


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1910/610


Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers



Transcription of a sketch in the Christian Messenger 1904.

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