Chippindale, Amos (1859-1936)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1898

Early years

Amos was born in 1859 at Nidd, Yorkshire, to parents William Chippindale and Grace Davey. William was a timber merchant. William is reported to be a great man of ideas but had no sense of application.

Amos was blessed with a fairly good physique, a disposition to work, and a religious beginning. He went though Sunday School as a scholar, teacher and finally superintendent. Amos was converted aged 12.

Business and Community Life

Amos was a master builder and developed a substantial business.

He became a town councillor, was a Guardian of the Poor, Governor of the Bath and Cottage Hospitals and of the Town Mission.

Amos was Vice Chair of the Harrogate School Board. He was president of the local Liberal Club and was Projector and Chairman of the Swimming Baths.

Contribution to the Connexion

Amos was a local preacher. He served as District Mission Treasurer and was a Connexional Auditor.

Amos was Chairman of Metropolitan Missionary Meeting 1898

The Harrogate Advertiser (2 March 1901) records that Amos bought the Edinburgh Literary Institute, South Clerk St, Harrogate, for the sum of £10,500 for the Primitive Methodist Missionary Society.


Amos married Isabella Annakin (1859-1901) in the spring of 1882 at Harrogate, Yorkshire. Records identify three children.

  • Clement (1883-1921) – an architect
  • Oswald (1886-1964) – a solicitor
  • Olive Muriel (1898-1932)

Amos married Mary Dodsworth (1872-1948) in early 1905 at Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Amos died on 3 Jun 1936 at Harrogate, Yorkshire.


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1898/483

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  • Amos’s first wife, Isabella Annakin, was a younger sister (by 10 years) of the Rev George Annakin, who has an MPMA page devoted to him.

    By David Redhead (28/04/2018)
  • I have added an obituary for Amos Chippindale which adds at least one extra dimension to the man as an FRGS. Also note the mentions of his brother James. And two return trips from the USA – his business interests appear to have become worldwide, or had he been on expeditions for the RGS?

    His son Clement appears on the Elmfield School War Memorial. See comment about him, and Amos Chippindale, on that page.

    By David Redhead (20/04/2018)

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