Carruthers, Elizabeth (1875-1900)

Transcription of Obituary In the Christian Messenger

ELIZABETH CARRUTHERS was born on Dec. 17th, 1875, at Netherton, Northumberland. In her childhood she came to reside with her parents in South Shields, and has been, with the family, all along connected with our society, first at Alma Street Mission, and then at Baring Street. When very young she gave herself fully to Jesus, under the teaching and influence of Mr. R. Work in the Catechumen Class. Though naturally reserved, the change soon became apparent to all, and she has left behind her the record of a most exemplary and useful Christian life. For nine years she taught in the Sabbath school, and was greatly beloved by her scholars. By her charm of manner, her diligence in preparation for class-work, and her prayerful and consistent life, she bound her class to her, and they would not leave her for other and higher classes. But best of all she had the joy of leading nearly the whole of her charge to Jesus, and to-day they fervently bless her memory. As a member of the Church she was most regular in her attendance at the means of grace, and took a lively and a leading interest in the various departments of Christian work that offered themselves to her willing hands. She was one of the first to commence the Christian Endeavour Society at Baring Street, and was the life of two or three of its committees. She was Vice-President of this Society at the time of her death, and to her earnest and kindly spirit it owes in great measure its prosperity. Her place in the Church, the Sabbath School, the Endeavour Society, and in the home will not soon be filled. Her sterling qualities, without ostentation, gave a beauty and brightness to her life which cannot soon be forgotten. She could influence others in a remarkable degree. As she was taught of the Spirit so she taught others, and many of her wise counsels are treasured by those who mourn her loss. She was the joy of her home, and at all times exhibited a generous and unselfish spirit, fully earning the commendation given by her class-leader and school superintendent:- ‘She was one of the excellent of the earth.’ In that encomium all who knew her gladly concur, and magnify the grace of God which rendered her brief life so blessed. At the beginning of last summer she took ill and sought a change of air. It was hoped that she had received permanent benefit, but it was not to be. She returned home and seldom left her room, visiting only once the Sunday school at the urgent wish of her class. As the end drew near her composure and resignation were very manifest. She even comforted her parents in view of what to them was a sad change, and spoke of dying as going home. The writer visited her on several occasions, and was refreshed by her utterances of hope and triumphant faith. To the inquiry of a friend in her last hour, she said — ‘It is true. I feel ill, but, ‘though I walk through the valley  – ” Her failing strength prevented her finishing the verse, which the friend concluded. Then she was heard to say, ‘They are waiting for me. I can feel them flapping their wings,‘ and thus, without fear, she quietly passed away in the 25th year of her age.
‘So soon, so glorious, burst the morning light
On her rapt sense as faith was merged in sight,
And purely purged from all of earthly leaven,
Her love went out on earth to burn more bright in Heaven.’

A large and sympathetic company followed her to the grave. The last rites were performed by Rev. H. Yooll, who also improved the occasion of her death to a crowded and deeply interested congregation in the chapel where her valuable life had given to her Lord its tribute of consecrated love and toil. At the sacramental service which followed it was pleasing to see so many of her classmates give themselves afresh to Christ and the Church. ‘She being dead yet speaketh.‘


Family and other information

Elizabeth was born to parents Thomas and Elizabeth. Thomas was a police constable (1891).

She died in late 1900 at South Shields, Co. Durham.


Christian Messenger 1901/63

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