Davies, Richard (1807-1837)

Containing observations on the character and death of Richard Davies, late Superintendant of the Primitive Methodist Sunday School, Wrockwardine Wood.

This excellent man was born September 20,1807.  In early life he was remarkably moral and ingenuous.  When about fourteen years of age, he was converted to God amongst the P. Methodist, joined the society, and after a time became a class leader.

He entered the Wrockwardine Wood Sunday school as a scholar, but soon became a teacher; and in May, 1833, he was appointed to the office of superintendant; which office he sustained till death removed him to the paradise of God.

As a class leader he was faithful and attentive. — As a Christian, consistent and prudent. — As a School Superintendant, diligent, constant, and successful; beloved by parents and children. — As a leading singer and bass viol player judicious and useful. — As a husband, tender and affectionate.

In the summer of 1836 his health began to fail; and with few intermissions, his affliction increased in severity, baffled the skill of his medical attendant, subjected him to much pain, and terminated in death, August 11, 1837, in the thirtieth year of his age.

During this long and painful affliction, he murmured not, but endeavoured to wait on the Lord without distraction.  For a considerable time he had a wish to recover.  But at length be said to a friend, “I have now done with the world. I can leave all.  I am fully resigned and very happy.”

A few days before his death, his sister (an unconverted person,) said, “God has given you time for repentance.”  His reply was, (in substance,) “I have repented long ago.  I have not to repent in my affliction.  If I had repentance to seek now, I greatly question whether I should ever repent.  And, my sister, I have been praying for you, for more than fifteen years, that God would give you to see and feel the need of a Savour.

In his removal from the church militant to the church triumphant, we have lost one of the most useful men in the circuit.  And his widow and two children are lamenting their loss.  May kind heaven provide for them, and supply his place amongst us. Amen.

R. Davies


Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838.  Pages 53-54.


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