Marriott, Joseph (1833-1916)

Christian Messenger 1904

Transcription of Sketch in the Christian Messenger by J.H. Saxton

We have great pleasure in adding Brother Joseph Marriott to our gallery of Connexional worthies. He is eminently worthy of this recognition, alike by his long membership, his high character, and his noble service.

Our brother was born at Woodborough in the county of Nottingham, in the year 1833. Losing his father at five years of age the boy was placed under the care of a good grandmother, one of the first three Methodists in the village; his grandfather was one of the first Sunday school teachers.

Our friend came into contact with Primitive Methodism in 1845, the occasion being a missionary meeting held in a cart shed, under the presidency of the Rev. James Crompton. He joined the Society in 1850, receiving his first ticket from the Rev. J. Brownson. He began to speak in the open-air during the first year of his membership and was placed on the plan in 1854. He became a class leader and school superintendent in 1861. In 1855 he was invited to enter the ministry, but felt it his duty to decline.

Our Woodborough Church has been blessed with a long line of noble men, but none have done more in its interest, than Bro. Marriott. Although only a working man with a slender income, his gifts have been frequent and hearty, and no offering has been too costly to lay on the altar. He takes reasonable pride in the beautiful church and large society with which he has been associated so long.

Our friend has, for many years, been a great reader; this has helped to give him an influence over young men, and no less than four ministers and twelve local preachers have gone forth from our Woodborough Church. Many of these have gladly acknowledged the debt they owed to the noble leading of Bro. Marriott. He was able to help them at the right moment and his help was ever of the right kind.

Our friend also ranks among the temperance stalwarts. He became an abstainer in 1857, and has been ceaseless in his advocacy of temperance. We believe that each child in the Woodborough School is an abstainer. The child is urged to sign as early as possible, and this line of action is the result of out and out temperance advocacy. Would that every school were a Band of Hope!

Bro. Marriott has had long and heavy sufferings. Fifteen years ago he suddenly broke down with rheumatism and was confined to his room for twelve months. With the affliction came other troubles; his business was lost and an annuity, which he had hoped would sustain him in his latter days, was also lost owing to the failure of an insurance company. But our friend has had many friends and the Lord is his Shepherd. The praise of Bro. Marriott is in many churches in Notts. He has done well for village Methodism. His innumerable journeys, his robust evangelism, his powerful sermons, backed by a noble and consistent life, have been the admiration of all. He has adorned the pulpit and he has adorned the gospel.

He has been honoured by our church and by the people of his own village. Few men have followed either Connexional or National interests with more eagerness and intelligent insight, and he has been thus enabled to serve in many ways.


Joseph was baptised on 21 November 1833 at Woodborough, Nottinghamshire. His parents were Joseph and Elizabeth.

Census returns identify the following occupations for Joseph.

  • 1861 framesmith
  • 1871 framesmith and grocer
  • 1881 framesmith and grocer
  • 1891 framesmith and grocer
  • 1901 retired framesmith and grocer
  • 1911 retired framesmith

Joseph was married to Harriet (abt 1833-1890). Census returns identify eight children.

  • Sarah (b abt1858) – a framework knitter (1871)
  • Eliza (abt1859-1913) – a dressmaker (1911); married Frederick Richardson in 1883
  • Selina (abt1861-1906) – married Isaac Bramley, a jobbing gardener, in 1883
  • Emily (b1863) – a dressmaker (1881)
  • Mary Ann (b abt1867)
  • Harriet (1869-1956) – a shopkeeper (1911)
  • Joseph (1872-1930) – a fitter
  • Elizabeth (b1874) – a shop assistant (1891)

Joseph died on 19 November 1916 at Woodborough, Nottinghamshire.


Christian Messenger 1904/5

Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers


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