Smith, Elizabeth (1784-1837)

Died, October 7, 1837, at Aston Abbotts, in the Aylesbury branch of Shefford circuit, Elizabeth Smith, in the forty-third year of her age.  She was enlightened when young, under the ministry of the Wesleyans.  But after becoming settled in life, was not able to attend their preaching, there being none of them at Aston.

In March 1836, our people came to mission in Buckinghamshire.  She then had a family of small children, was often afflicted; and in a state of mind bordering on despair.  Our preachers sympathized with her, and encouraged her to believe in Jesus.  She soon believed and obtained the witness of the Spirit, and her bodily health became better than it had been for a long time.  She joined society, and continued a member till her death.

She enjoyed much of the presence of the Lord, and was very regular in attending the means of grace as she was able.  And when confined by affliction she was a patient sufferer, and would say, “I am willing to endure whatever the Lord lays upon me.”  She sometimes said, “I have great temptations, but Jesus supports me, and brings me through.”

Early on Saturday morning, the day on which she died, she called her husband to her bed-side, and he being unconverted, she warned him to flee from the wrath to come, exhorting him to forsake his sins, and begin to pray for pardon, per strength failing, she rested a while, and then said, “I am going to Jesus.  Be sure to meet me at the right hand of God.  Don’t be too much taken up with the world.  I can give up my children, and every thing below.  Be sure to teach them the fear of the Lord.”

Her dying address greatly affected all who were present.  I called on her just before she departed, and she said she was quite ready, — Christ was precious, and she should soon be in glory.  In a few minutes she expired in the triumph of faith.

W. Harvey


Primitive Methodist Magazine, 1838.  Page 397.



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  • This lady must not be confused with the Elizabeth Smith who was born in Ludlow in 1805 and died, as Elizabeth Russell, in 1836, and whose preaching ministry played a significant part in laying the foundation of the work in Micheldever.

    By David Young (04/08/2012)

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