Stevens, Mrs

of Hay

Transcription of Obituary In the Christian Messenger

MRS. STEVENS.- The Primitive Methodist Society at Hay has recently lost one of its oldest and staunchest members in the person of Mrs. Stevens. Our sister was identified with the above society for many years, and her loyalty to the Church of her choice was very marked; she was not a runaway, seeking a home in every church and yet remaining homeless, but she remained within the pale of the Church where the light first shone upon her dark mind, and in the interests of that Church she worked and lived until the morning God’s angel touched her, and bade her to follow to the House of many mansions. The Rev. James Watkin, of Surrey Chapel, in writing of her, says: “ I have lost an old and valued friend, a real link with the past, and Hay will seem all the poorer henceforth. I had the greatest respect for her goodness of heart, her brave and loyal trust in her Lord, her consistent Christian life, and her gracious spirit of helpfulness towards her neighbours and friends. When I think of her long fight, left so early in life to maintain it single-handed, of how much she has met in the sad years to sour and disappoint her, and yet how unspoilt was the sweetness and reasonableness of her temper, I am certain that her life must have been fed constantly by springs in the high places of the universe.” The Rev. R.W. Russell also pays tribute. He says: “ I am delighted to place a flower on the grave of the late Mrs. Stevens. I mourn her loss truly and deeply. It was my privilege to see much of her ten years ago. To me she was a kind friend – nay, more than that – she was to me a living mother. I have a distinct recollection of her devotion to the Church amidst the numerous duties which at that time devolved upon her; she would find time to attend the services of the sanctuary; she had a most gracious way of helping and inspiring all that were privileged to know her. The kind expression of her eyes, and the sweet smile which incessantly lit up her face, were to me evidences of the indwelling spirit. I have been downcast many times, and she has been my inspiring friend. I have felt homeless and lonely, but she in some strange way made me feel restful and happy. Even now, with the gulf of ten years between my residing in her home as a young man in the Hay Circuit, I find her memory a gracious blessing.” The Rev. G. Middleton, of Bourne College, says: “I am sorry to find you have lost by death dear Mrs. Stevens, for whose kindness and Christian consistency I have ever retained the highest opinion. During my four years stay in the Hay Circuit I had rooms and attendance at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Stevens – and of course during that time had opportunities of estimating their deportment and character. It is now over thirty years ago since I left the Circuit, and I have had, as you may suppose, various experiences, but nothing has effaced the impression made upon my mind by the uniform kindness of my host and hostess. I have exceptional reasons for remembering Mrs. Stevens. One of the greatest trials of my ministerial life occurred while I was there, and her timely thoughtfulness, and the words of cheer she administered, will never be forgotten. Of course I do not know what changes may have taken place during the thirty years I have been away from Hay, but all that I remember of dear Mrs. Stevens leads me to believe that she was a very sincere and devoted Christian.” The Rev. Marwood, Congregational minister, says of her: “The late Mrs. Stevens, whom I knew well and esteemed for a number of years, was a sincere, earnest Christian woman, and loyal to the Church of her choice. ‘She looked well to the ways of her household. . . . Her children arise up and call her blessed.’ ”


Family and other information

I have been unable to identify Mrs. Stevens from the information in the obituary. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Christian Messenger 1905/223

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