Walker, Edith (1873-1900)

Transcription of Obituary In the Christian Messenger

EDITH WALKER.— Edith, the only daughter of George and Ann Walker, of Alton, in the Ramsor Circuit, was born on the twenty-first of September in the year of eighteen-seventy-three. At a very early age she was taken to our Sabbath school and continued to attend the same until the progress of her affliction made such impossible. For many years she suffered acutely from epilepsy, the attacks becoming more frequent and more prostrating in their effects. For days at a time she was compelled to remain in one position, her energy being so feeble. But with all her heart she had learned to trust in One whom she found to be a refuge and strength, a very present help in time of need. God was her stay and companion, and Christ had become to her more than a Saviour. When a girl, under the preaching of Mr. James Mountford, a conviction of sin was aroused, the way of salvation revealed, and Edith took the step that led her into the light and liberty of the children of God. She at once joined the Church of her father and remained a member until the end. As long as she possibly could, the services of God’s house were joyously attended by her, and it was a great trouble when she could not be present. Though a long and an acute sufferer, she bore up with a patience and fortitude which were a lesson and inspiration to all who beheld them. Her knowledge of the Bible was extensive, her views of Evangelical Christianity clear, and her religious experience solid. She recognised in the person of her Saviour an Exemplar as well as a Redeemer. Such gives the key for understanding her patience and fortitude. On one occasion the writer in referring to her affliction elicited the following reply, ‘Yes, my sufferings are great, but they are as nothing when compared with what Christ suffered for me.’ Towards the end of March she was suddenly seized by many attacks rapidly succeeding each other, and on the twenty-eighth of the same month, having fought a good fight, finished her course, and kept the faith, she was called to receive an eternal crown. B.A.

Family and other information

Edith was born to parents George and Ann. George was a Stonemason.

She died on 28 March 1900 at Alton, Staffordshire.


Christian Messenger 1901/127

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