Addison, John (1827-1895)

Transcription of obituary published in the Minutes of Conference by J Buckle 

JOHN ADDISON was born at Malton, Yorkshire, on May 6th, 1829. His parents and grandparents were members of the Primitive Methodist Church. In early life he sought and found the Saviour, and actively engaged in His service. In 1856 he entered the ministry, and laboured on Scarborough and Horncastle circuits. In 1859, along with the Rev. Robert Hartley, he left the motherland for New South Wales, when on arrival he joined the late Rev. James Causland  on the Goulburn mission. When there he resided at Jerrawa, the parsonage being a slab hut, covered with bark, describing which I have heard him faceteously remark that through both the sides and roof of his unpretentious manse, on retiring to rest, like Harvey, he was able to contemplate ‘the starry heavens.’ In 1861 Brother Addison joined me on the Ballarat station, Victoria, where two years we laboured happily together, and where under God we laid the foundation of the Creswick, Symesdale, and Beaufort circuits. When on the Ballarat station Mr. Addison married, located and settled for a time at Carngham, retaining his connection with the church, and conserving his interests as a local preacher. Realizing the gravity of his mistake, he sought and regained his ministerial position, after having joined the Rev. John Foggon again at Goulburn, once more occupying, as a married preacher, until a more suitable residence was erected, the unique, yet primitive manse already referred to. From Jerrawa, in 1870, Mr. Addison removed to Young; in 1872 to Camden Mission, and in 1873 left New South Wales for Queensland. Since his arrival in this colony he travelled as superintendent on Ipswich circuit (twice), Rockhampton, Bundaberg (twice), Gympie, Toowong, and Maryborough (twice), where on the 19th of March, 1895, at 3.40 a.m., after serving his generation he fell asleep.

If ‘to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die,’ then Brother Addison lives enshrined in the affections of many to whom he preached the glorious gospel of Christ, who find no place that does not awaken some memory of their constant and sympathetic friend. As a friend Bro. Addison was sincere, hearty and affectionate; as a man he was gentle and courteous; as a preacher of the gospel he was faithful and evangelical, standing with the world beneath his feet, having the law of kindness on his lips, heaven and the crown of life before his eyes. To many his memory will be like the rays of the parting sun falling gently on the heart.


John was born on 6 May 1827 nr Malton, Yorkshire, to parents William, a labourer, and Mary. He was baptised on 8 May 1827 at Kirby Grindalythe, Yorkshire.

The 1851 census describes him as a farm labourer.

He arrived in Sydney, Australia, on 20 June 1860

John died on 19 March 1895 in Queensland, Australia.


  • 1855 Boston
  • 1856 Donington
  • 1858 Horncastle
  • 1860 Goulburn (Australia)
  • 1861 Ballarat
  • 1863 Resigned and resided at Carngham
  • 1866 Goulburn (H.L.P.)
  • 1867 Goulburn
  • 1870 Young
  • 1872 Camden
  • 1873 Ipswich
  • 1875 Rockhampton
  • 1879 Bundaberg
  • 1880 Maryborough
  • 1882 Gympie
  • 1885 Bundaberg
  • 1887 Ipswich
  • 1890 Toowong
  • 1893 Marlborough


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