Beckerlegge, Adolphus Frederick (1798-1866)

Primitive Methodist Magazine
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Early Life

Adolphus was born on 26 August 1798 in St Ives, Cornwall. His parents were Samuel Beckerleg (b1765) and Martha Hendy (1765-1855). Adolpus was the youngest of four children (3 boys and one girl). Interestingly his baptism record does not mention his father. He had a Grammar School education and worked as a watchmaker and jeweller in Penzance. He was converted during the Cornish revival of the 1820’s.


Kendall records, ‘a commanding presence, a fine voice, a refined pronunciation, and as a preacher he was far beyond the average.’

The following quotation is attributed to Adolphus: ‘There is not money in the ministry, but there is the glory, and you must go for the glory.’


Adolphus married Jane Leggo (1790-1874) on 26 December 1819 at Sancreed, nr Penzance.

He died on 29 Oct 1866 at Flushing, nr Falmouth, Cornwall.


  • 1828 Redruth
  • 1829 St Austell
  • 1830 Darlaston
  • 1831 Nottingham
  • 1833 Winster
  • 1834 Leeds
  • 1836 Bradford
  • 1837 Swinefleet
  • 1838 Louth
  • 1839 York
  • 1841 Scotter
  • 1842 Grimsby
  • 1844 Driffield
  • 1846 Bridlington
  • 1847 Rugby & Lutter
  • 1848 Sheffield
  • 1849 Winster
  • 1851 Nottingham S
  • 1853 Pocklington
  • 1854 Hull l
  • 1856 Grimsby
  • 1857 St Ives
  • 1860 Lynn
  • 1861 Croydon
  • 1862 St Ives (Sup)
  • 1864 Penzance


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Comments about this page

  • Rev. Beckerlegge moved to Louth in 1838, staying for one year only. Prior to his arrival there had been the radical teetotaller Rev John Stamp, which was partly the cause of his subsequent removal from the PM travelling preachers.
    In the journal Cirplan (Michaelmas 1996) the late William Leary commented on a Louth Circuit, Tee-total, Preachers’ plan from April to July 1839, in all aspects the same as other PM preaching plans of the time, — except for the title ‘tee-total.’
    Leary concludes “There is no reference to temperance meetings on the plan, and one concludes that Beckerlegge was championing the cause for which Stamp was expelled, and which had at that time not gained popularity in Primitive Methodism.”
    He describes it as a unique plan.
    The plan includes a central silhouette of a person who it is supposed is Rev, Beckerlegge,

    By David Leese (20/07/2023)

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