Bainton, George (1893-1977)

Transcription of obituary published in the Minutes of Conference

GEORGE BAINTON: born in Brynmawr, Llanelli, on 26th March 1893. After leaving the local school at the age of fourteen, he worked for seven years as a miner before entering Hartley College for theological training. In 1921 he married Louisa Arrowsmith, whose personality complemented his in a way most beneficial to his ministry. He was thoughtful in his preaching, always interesting in conversation, and of deep concern in his pastoral work. He had very wide interests, being fond of games, and good at several of them. He loved rose-growing and walking. He was an avid reader, being particularly interested in history. 

He served in the following circuits: Stafford, Kidderminster, Tipton, Clay Cross, Rotherham, Sandbach, Crewe (Wedgwood), Whitchurch (Castle Hill) and Sileby. He superannuated for one year due to his wife’s very serious illness, but returned to the active ministry in the Kiveton Park Circuit from 1956 to 1959. 

He and his wife then lived for fifteen years at Carlton-in-Lindrick. Soon after her death in 1974 he moved into Moorland House, the Methodist Home for the Aged in Hathersage, where he greatly enriched its community life by his quiet friendliness, unfailing patience and sense of humour. Undoubtedly he was very happy there, though he also enjoyed a month away in the company of his nieces, revisiting the haunts of his youth in South Wales. His last stroke occurred only two hours before the President’s visit to Moorland House, but he was able to enjoy a short conversation with him, and his mind remained alert to the end. He died peacefully at Moorland House on Monday 2nd May 1977 in the eighty-fifth year of his age and the sixtieth year of his ministry.


George was born on 26 March 1893 at Brynmawr, Breconshire, to parents George, a coal miner, and Esther. George also worked as a coal miner before entering the ministry.

He married Louisa Arrowsmith (1897-1974) in the spring of 1921 at Stafford, Staffordshire..

George died on 2 May 1977 at Hathersage, Derbyshire.


  • Hartley
  • 1917 Stafford
  • 1919 Kidderminster
  • 1921 Tipton
  • 1924 Clay Cross
  • 1928 Rotherham
  • 1932 Sandbach
  • 1937 Crewe Wedgwood
  • 1942 Whitchurch
  • 1948 Sileby
  • 1955 Sileby (Sup)
  • 1956 Kiveton Park (Ac)
  • 1959 Worksop (Sup)


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  • I have been researching my family tree and discovered that Rev George Bainton is my 2nd great grand-uncle. This was lovely to read and to discover more about my family. Thank you.

    By Sarah Gregory (07/03/2021)

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